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Providence in Exile EP

by Caretaker

Caretaker are a band that could never quite split up - Here's an EP of session tracks and demos from our last album to mark the tenth anniversary of its release, but I got the date wrong so it came out on the eleventh anniversary...

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Below the Snakes

by Lightning Sharks

We are LIGHTNING SHARKS - A noisy hardcore band from the cider encrusted streets of Bristol. We play a furious mix of heavy styles that we like to call SOUTHWEST NOISECORE - Combining the rock and roll swagger of Every Time I Die and the angular precision of Botch, with a scrappy DIY spirit.

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Hey guys, AANTHEMS here from Vancouver BC. Our first full length Blood Fortune is a bastard of a record, railing against greed, corruption and the end of humanity. It’s a sweaty angry mess, and it feels like someone is finally on your side.

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Son of the Mourning

We are Son of the Mourning from Salford, Manchester. We play heavy progressive metalcore, we broke up around 10 years ago but got back together to record the last bunch of songs we wrote.

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