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Gimme Germs

by The Monsters

We're The Monsters and we've been around for a minute. Our new album, You're Class, I'm Trash is released by Voodoo Rhythm, Slovenly Recordings, and Sounds of Subterrania.

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Knee Jerk

by Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons

I wrote this song after hearing about that white woman who called the police on a black family minding their own business having a barbeque, and then it grew into a song that was also about reactionary people on social media.

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The Bad Mojos

Aloha! This is Julio from The Bad Mojos, we've been around since 2015 and are releasing our first LP this year on Voodoo Rhythm Records. We've toured throughout Europe on a 7" and a 10" release but are grateful to finally have a full length in the mix. Appreciate your time!

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