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When you went away

by The Transits

Hey guys, We're The Transits and this is our debut single and music video for 'When you went away'. It's a story about love and death. Just not in that order. Hope you enjoy it!

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He's a Bitch

by Homer Marrs

Hey fam, I'm Homer Marrs, a gay singer/guitarist in L.A. My new song is the pop/punk frenemy tantrum "He's a Bitch." Imagine if Blink-182 had a queer younger brother. It's a bouncy, hook-laden rant against that friend you have but wish you didn't (and maybe even sleep with).

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by Downtown District

We are Downtown District! A young, upcoming punkrockband from the Netherlands. We are proud to present to you our new single 'PRESSURE'. It is fittingly about the pressure we as a band experience in the search for a cemented spot in the twisted world of the musicindustry.

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Get Better

by The Honesty

Hey folks, we're The Honesty. This song is called Get Better and is about the hopelessness after losing someone you love, yet the hopefulness that things will get better.

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The Color Red

by Fountain Island

We are FOUNTAIN ISLAND and we are set to drop our ultra-magnetic new single and video, Pretty Little Nightmare, which lands on Friday 9th December through all platforms. Before then, please check out our last single, The Color Red.

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Listen To Levels

by Shower Beers

Hey all. We're Shower Beers and we're a brand new pop-punk band based out of Murray Hill, NYC that wants to punch you in the mouth with some gigantic choruses. We just dropped our debut single Listen To Levels TONIGHT, 11/3. Check it out!

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by Lasting Effect

Lasting Effect released their first album, "Drift Away" in January 2016

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by Conversion Therapy

Queer Pop Punk from Norway with a dash of Hip-Hop influence, a 2020’s anthem on the social media media chokehold we’re under, through the lens of BDSM tinged references, from our upcoming EP, Long Nights out October 7th Recorded and mixed ourselves, mastered by Defeater’s Jay Maas.

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On Our Own

by Lasting Effect

On Our Own is an energetic and upbeat song about coping with losing touch with lots of childhood friends after graduating high school and college when everyone starts to go their own way in life by relocating, having kids, or becoming too busy to give efforts to the friendship.

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Love Thyself

by The Outside Kids

Hey we're The Outside Kids! Our new song “Love Thyself” basically means f@&$ you! It’s about exes changing our trajectory, life path, goals, who we are… Or not, as the case may be. Check it out and feel things.

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by Wasted History

Hey Folk we are Wasted History. And lately we've been mucking around with some Punk Rock and came up with a few gems we'll be releasing throughout the year. This is the first nugget and it's called 'Postmouth'. We hope you dig it \m/.

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The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)

by Underachiever

We are a punk rock band from London, England. We've just released 'The Getaway (feat. Roger Lima of Less Than Jake)', the first single from our debut record 'Going Nowhere, And I'm Taking You With Me' which drops later this year. The song is about escaping the mundanity of normality.

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by Zakmes

Hi! I'm Zakmes, a Pop Punk solo-artist from the Netherlands. I released a new song called ''I HOPE UR HAPPY'', it's about wishing well upon others while dealing with life yourself. the song start out With a chill sound and electronic trap drums, but it evolves into a full poppunk song throughout :)

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by Snark

We're Snark! We're excited to share our new song "Stay" with you. It's an oddly positive song about losing a loved one and searching for closure. We tackle a relatively heavy topic with a high-energy song that you can bop to - because there's nothing more cathartic than dancing away that darkness.

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Bad Dream

by Max Aubrey

YOOOO! Have you ever gone through a breakup then went on a month long drunken drug filled bender cause that's the only way you knew how to cope with the situation? Or is that just me? Listen to the first song released by Max Aubrey titled "Bad Dream" to see if you can relate.

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Available to Fall

by Solene

Solene, Brazilian Pop Punk band formed in Brazil, releases an album that has 6 tracks, presenting the best in the pop punk & emo genre, bringing back the feeling of nostalgia that the young adult has when remembering the times of MTV .

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Leave The Seat Up

by No Breakfast Goodbye

Hey there, we're No Breakfast Goodbye from the Netherlands, and this is our newest track 'Leave The Seat Up'! It's an up-tempo skate/pop punk tune about how the power of friendship conquers all! Hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

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by Already Dead

"'Stability' is a wanderlust song about chasing a dream or a life while still maintaining the life you've built," says Already Dead's Dan Cummings. "It's about the need or desire to go out and pursue something but still knowing where your home is."

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Let's Go Home

by KD Knows My Name

Hello There! We are KD Knows My Name, a 3-piece Punk band from Swansea, UK. This single Let's Go Home is our first release in over a year, and its a big energy Pop Punk tune with a big chant along chorus and relatable lyrics for any band in their local scene.

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Red Carpet

by Grandma's Boys

we are the band "Grandma's Boys", a pop punk band from Heilbronn, Germany and we will release our new single “Red Carpet” on July 29th. The song "Red Carpet" is an open letter in its lyrical structure and is addressed to a power-hungry, warmongering leader.

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