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Desk Chair

by Teen Jesus and the Jean Teasers

We're Teen Jesus & the Jean Teasers from Canberra, Australia. Our new single 'Desk Chair' is a tribute to teenage feelings, and the problems that seem life changing but turn out to be insignificant. It’s about self-sabotage and wanting what you don’t have.

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The Coathangers

For 12 years, The Coathangers have been building an infallible reputation for chaotic punk rock and visceral live shows, but this sixth LP is a record that captures their established takes on vitriolic punk, playful house-party anthems, and heart-worn ballads and melds them all.

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Hello! We are Guttfull, and we're launching our debut album 'Tits and Nails' on 10 November. We are led by Samoan powerhouse Momoe, and our songs are ragefull, celebratory, powerful, glittery punk– topics of feminism, anti-racism and domestic violence.

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Hi, we're Fistymuffs. We write songs about the fucked-up nature of late stage capitalism, moving past patriarchal norms and surviving abusive relationships. We're always talking about getting matching jackets some day, but can't decide on the colour.

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Lauren Lakis

Hey there! I am Lauren a romantic goth garage rock artist. Check out my new track Lead Us On.

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Crucial Features

hey, what's up? hope all of you aren't stressed out lately! we've just released our debut EP "Kaprizai" and are looking for cool people to listen to it. sometimes it's really hard to find banger punk bands that sound great so we wish to share our music as much as discover others, see ya!

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Dream Nails

Punk witches renowned for riotous live sets and catchy feminist anthems. This video pokes fun at pro-lifers ahead of the Irish abortion referendum in May.

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