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Tommyknockin' on Heaven's Door

by the World Forgot

Greetings, we are the World Forgot, a lycanthropic indie-punk band based out of Huntsville, AL made up of friends who have been playing music together in different projects for over 20 years. This track deals with inviting the God and Beast of yourself in to fist fight and seeing who prevails.

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by The Damn Tracks

We're the Damn Tracks and we're a three piece Punk Rock n' Roll band from Chicago, IL. This is the first song off of our new album 'Second City Is Burning'. If you like this song, you'll love the album and we encourage you to check us out. Thanks!

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Lighten Up Laura

Hey guys, We are Lighten Up Laura, a 4 piece Emo/Alternative band from Southampton! We met while studying at university and have been playing together for two years! Our debut EP "Acting Your Age" was released in June 2017!

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Crushed Veneer

We're a band from London, heavily influenced by The Gaslight Anthem and Beach Slang. We've been playing in and around London for the last 6 months and just released our debut EP 'Desire and the Need to Live'.

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Black Adidas

Like flipping through your older sibling’s record collection, Black Adidas’ new self-titled record comes across as a tribute to many rare and unique threads in rock history. With gravelly vocals and crunchy guitars, Ranshaw invites listeners on a sonic victory lap around the best version of punk history, paying homage to his own influences while carefully acknowledging their sway over a generation of musicians.

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