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Into the Undertow

by Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio was born in 2021. Dave & Matt decided to write the songs they needed to hear. Punky pop rock, with a British flavour. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, but music in a familiar style that provides comfort in an emergency.

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Every Good Idea Came From A Bad Idea

by The Historians

We're The Historians, and this is our debut single! Our singer Mrin came up with this song while she was in the hospital with nothing but a piece of paper and a pen. After she got out we took her ideas, put them to the test on instruments instead of paper, and created this song. We hope you like it!

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Back To Austin

by Halfway Atlantic

Song release: July 9 BACK TO AUSTIN maintains Halfway Atlantic’s signature emo aesthetic. “It’s an ode to a city, a person, a habit, a lifestyle,” explains vocalist Matt Warmuth. “It’s about throwing baggage overboard, leaving the past behind and setting sails into a new, unknown future.”

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Bury Me

by Gunpoint Alibi

Hi, friends! We're Gunpoint Alibi! We're a group of absolutely silly best friends located in Denver, Colorado. Bury Me is the first release off of our upcoming album, "deathwish" We can't wait for you to give it a listen, and we look forward to seeing you out there, dancing around to it!

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by Paperweight

"Tracks" is about looking toward the future, not the past. It was recorded before lockdown threw all our plans into disarray. Curiously, once we were able to start planning this release, we started to relate to the song in differently after the experience of 2021. It almost feels more relevant now.

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"Big Bear"


When we're kids, we live fearlessly & aren't insecure about nearly anything, I miss that. As we get older we start to live more cautiously & care what other people think. "Big Bear" is about chasing that feeling again.

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What We're After

by For Felix

For Felix are back with the new single “What We’re After” after 15 years of silence. “What We’re After” features one of the last recordings of late drummer Patrick Jolkovski. All proceeds from the release will go directly to a college fund for his two daughters.

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Drop Dead

by Halfway Atlantic

Premiering almost twelve months to the day from their last packed gig before lockdown, Drop Dead forms the capstone of the most emo year on record. It also serves as the title track for an aptly-named EP in a time of global pandemic, civil unrest, and collapsing infrastructure—DROP DEAD.

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Black & White

by Suitable Miss

Hey Punktastic, we're Suitable Miss from Denver. Think high-energy, catchy pop-punk with influence from electronic as well as post hardcore. we hope you enjoy our new single "Black & White". Our debut EP, 'Don't Look Back' is out now.

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Played Me At My Own Game

by The Fiasco

Hi, we're The Fiasco, an Alt-Rock band from Leeds UK. Played Me At My Own Game is our brand new single and is an energetic, mid-tempo Pop/Rock track with a huge sing-along chorus.

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Up Next On...

by American Ink

American Ink is coming at you HARD and FAST with their new single 'Up Next On...'!!! This is the title track from their latest EP . Thanks for listening!

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End of the World

by The New Pacific

Simply put, this song is a sing-along anthem to the apocalypse. The track is an ode to a party at the end of the world. While the building is burning, we're dancing the whole way down. It's a big hopeful anthem rock track. Get off the wall and come dance with us.

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Back Home

by Back On Earth

"Back Home" is one of the tracks off the EP "Brand New Day" released last November, and follows the latest single of the same name, a duet with Telltale, which had previous support from Spotify's All New Rock and Frog 'n' Roll editorial playlists.

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She's From A Different World

by 54 Reasons

Hi we're "54 Reasons"! We've been a band since 2013. With Juan Alvarez on vocals and guitar, Evan Plyler on Bass, and Aron Hetsko on drums! This is our newest track "She's From A Different World"! From our upcoming album "Cigarettes And Candy" Give us a listen! We promise you'll become a fan!

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Playing With Fire

by Slackrr

Hey, we're Slackrr! This is the third single from our upcoming second album, being aired on the BBC, Kerrang! Radio & The Mike James Rock Show. We also have a music video out on YouTube! We're so excited to share this with you.

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Punk Rock Kitty Cat

by The Nearly Deads

Anar-kitty! Punk Rock Kitty Cat is a fun, campy homage to our musical influences. It's all about being your own unique self and realizing you're purrfect just the way you are! It's about clawing your way through the noise of the world and coming out on the other side totally confident and powerful!

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Face The Flames

by White Shores

Hey everyone! We're White Shores from Philadelphia and we'd like to introduce you to our debut single, "Face The Flames." It's a driving, fierce, and melodic banger chock-full of energy and angst.

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Indie Girls 101 (Official Music Video)

by Picture Us Tiny

Hey dudes! This is the official music video for my track Indie Girls 101. It's a fast-paced pop-punk track about the trendy girls I've seen on my college campus that I'm too scared to talk to. If you dig this track, check out Picture Us Tiny on all streaming platforms for more tunes.

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Phantom Pain

by Halfway Atlantic

I wanted to write something that was honest to my own experiences, while at the same time relatable. You can be overwhelmed by a wave of conflicting emotions when a relationship ends — and that love doesn’t immediately disappear. It’s painful and disorienting. - Matt Warmuth

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Right Where You Want Me

by happy place

Hello! My artist name is "happy place". This is the first song I recorded for this project and would love for you to check it out. More music is coming soon! :)

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