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The Laundry Song

by The Buddy System

We're The Buddy System a 3-piece "Sweaty DIY Basement Punk" band known for energetic live shows and big hooks. This is the title track off of our Debut EP. It's fun, fast and meant to be shouted at the top of your lungs!

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Look Alive, Judy!

by Vampire Slumber Party

Hey folks, we're Vampire Slumber Party from London, UK and this is our new single, "Look Alive, Judy!" It's dark and dirty and we hope you love it.

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High Girl

by Loner

Loner is a melodic punk band based out of Montclair, NJ. "High Girl" is a song about a girl that's really about my own struggles with drugs and alcohol. All proceeds go to CarePlusNJ, a non-profit that helps people in NJ recover from addiction and mental health issues.

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I Gotta Be Kidding Me

by Long Past Overdue

Lost somewhere between the labels of emo, pop-punk, alternative rock, and shoegaze, LONG PAST OVERDUE is a 90s-inspired melodic and emotional band from Curitiba, Brazil. It started as a solo project in 2018 and remotely became a band during the covid lockdown.

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Get Your Shit Together

by Nowhere Days

Ladies and gentlefolk, it's time to "Get Your Shit Together"! Combining blazing guitars, mischievous basslines, and drums that are wilder than a senior center on bingo night, the Chicago punk band is back with the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, "Hell Is Real."

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Ghost Town Blues Revisited

by Vampire Slumber Party

Vampire Slumber Party is the alter-ego of south London-based musician Yusuf Laher. And "Ghost Town Blues Revisited" is on his debut full-length Funeral Pop, which is out now wherever you stream music. Unless you still use MySpace. Do people still use MySpace? Didn't it make a comeback?

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Why Worry?

by Young Pretorians

An ode to staying mindful and focusing on the present amidst the noise and anxiety of the last two years. We had a lot of fun with this one!

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International No One

by Low Morale

Hi! This track is off of our album “Making You Better Feeling”, streaming everywhere. We kind of combine west coast skate punk, east coast emo and rust belt punk rock to form melodic, dark, cathartic and energetic anthems. Enjoy!

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No Ones Got Your Back

by Chasing Chimera

Greetings! We're Chasing Chimera: an incredibly messed-up and likely unstable pop-punk band from Chicago, IL. We're proudly the only band we're aware of that will give you a free t-shirt! Our latest track "No Ones Got Your Back" is out first release in over 3 years! Enjoy!

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Into the Undertow

by Emergency Radio

Emergency Radio was born in 2021. Dave & Matt decided to write the songs they needed to hear. Punky pop rock, with a British flavour. Not trying to re-invent the wheel, but music in a familiar style that provides comfort in an emergency.

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Sunday Morning

by Something to Someone

a pop punk band called Something to Someone back with a music video for their new single "Sunday Morning". Sunday Morning tells about the boredom experienced in everyday life with the same activities every day, and trying to get out of the saturation that has passed.

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by Honeytalks

Parachute is fast, fun and catchy! Its got plenty of moving parts and catchy hooks for your aural pleasure.

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by Vampire Slumber Party

London, UK-based funeral pop. "Vampire Slumber Party’s brand of pop-punk follows the playbook of its predecessors but brings in emotional complexity and nuance in a fresh and evocative way" - Texx and the City.

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Mostly Ghostly

by Pretty Pretty Awful

Hope all is well! I'm working with Punkerton Records on the debut of Cleveland spooky pop-punk band Pretty Pretty Awful! This song RIPS and is perfect for fans of Alkaline Trio, Bayside, and Pup.

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Homestar Runner

by Funtabi

Hello! We are Funtabi, a Ks based punk band, and we wanted to share our newest song "Homestar Runner" - a tongue-in-cheek look at love, regret, alcohol and cartoons. We think it totally rules and hope you do too!

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Seven Ten Split

by Lipstick Stains

Our new track Seven Ten Split, taken from our record "Controlled Chaos" available on all major streaming services.

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Oh Dang

by Worse Off

Worse Off is a pop punk duo featuring Jaclyn Falk and Colin Jay (2/5ths of Entropy NY). Oh Dang is a single from their debut EP, You Win Some, You Lose A...Lot. The EP tackles the struggles of trying to find your way through an often cold and conflicting world by way of fun-bummer pop punk jams.

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Killing Me

by Bad Year

We couldn't be more proud and grateful to share our most recent debut with you. We are sharing this in hopes of working together to help raise mental health awareness and offer public prevention methods for suicide. Please feel free to take a moment to check out our new single, "Killing Me"!

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by Complete!

Hallow! This is Complete! - melodic punk band from Ukraine. This is our new song and music video "Chore". It is a set of day-to-day patterns in lyrics, music and video footage. About how we live striving to be happier. And it is the first single from our upcoming EP to be released this year.

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Hometown Hostage

by Boltergeist

This is the 2nd single for the band Boltergeist which is a collaboration of members between Frank Dux and Trashed Ambulance. They play poppy yet thought provoking punk rock and are only just beginning.

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