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With The Wolves

Hi everyone! We are a four piece melodic hardcore band from Manchester, UK We have our debut EP "A Story With No Start" coming out this spring which include our four currently released singles. We hope you enjoy it as much as we have enjoyed the experience of writing and playing it live!

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The Fox And The Hare

Hey guys! We are a 2-man pop punk/easycore band from Montreal, QC and we just launched our debut track that we entirely wrote and produced from the ground up and then mixed all by ourselves.  We're proud of the work we put into creating music that we love and hope that other people can enjoy it too!

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Out of the Depths

Hey everyone. Out of the Depths debut EP into my dreams is definitely something to check out. Well offering a new take on a more nostalgic sound, the into my dreams EP is full of catchy guitar riffs, breathtaking yet heavy vocals and lyrics we can all relate to.

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Weigh The Anchor

Hello all! We are Weigh The Anchor! We are a 5 piece band from Oakville Ontario Canada. We were officially formed one year ago, and we have been anything but stagnant since we've started.

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