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Starting Over

by Heartsink

Hey guys we are Heartsink and this is our track 'Starting Over.' It combines the riffs that punch you in the face of A Day To Remember and the melodic vocals of Good Charlotte. This song is perfect to crank up in the car as loud as possible driving with the windows down on the motorway.

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Burning Branches

by Jumping Ship

Hello! We are Jumping Ship, a pop punk band from Illinois (We know, very original!). Burning Branches is one of three singles we have out for an EP that'll be released in March. This song is about making that decision to stop feeling bad for yourself and how hard that tends to actually be.

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Trust Me, I've Been There

by Coastlines

Hey guys, we're Coastlines, a Pop Punk / Alternative band from North East England. This is our first single "Trust Me, I've Been There". We try keep pace and positivity high in our music to give you something to bounce to, and don't think it could be any clearer in this song. We hope you like it!

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by State Of Millenia

Essex heavy tunesters STATE OF MILLENIA have revealed a new single and video for the track, 'Bleached', which is taken from their incoming debut album, 'Feel Alive', out Friday 3rd April.

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by Sleepless Denver

Hey guys. Our band Sleepless Denver just released our first single Stereo about a week ago. It’s unique according to many listeners, as we all came from different influences and backgrounds. We hope you enjoy it!

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Greetings! We are a Chicago pop-punk band (how original right?) looking to set a new standard for Pop-Punk! Our music is heavy & emotional, but also uplifting & full of density. Rather than pointing fingers at the world around us, we look inward & try rationalize our struggles through our music!

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No, This Is Patrick!

Hey y'all! We in No, This Is Patrick! are dedicated to making high energy, positive music, usually through the lense of pop-punk, metal, and hardcore. (We do love us some prog though) If you're a fan of anything from Bodyjar to Rush to Twelve Foot Ninja you'll dig us!

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feralcat is an artist, saxophonist, composer, alias and conceptual departure from what you think about when you hear the saxophone. Created by Pittsburgh-based saxophonist Roger Rafael Romero, feralcat uses sweeping lyrical melodies over heavy guitar-driven rhythms to break barriers and melt faces.

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The City

Hey guys! The City hail from Melbourne's Mornington Peninsula in Victoria, Australia. With Alternative rock, Pop, post-hardcore, Metal and Punk in their DNA; their sound is an unmistakable fusion of positivity, party vibes, relentless power and catharsis. New Single just our from our Debut LP!

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Hello friends, we are EARTHSTATE, a new alternative rock band from Lyon, France. Our very first single "No Turning Back" is now available, check it out ! :)

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Dive At Dawn

Hey, We’re Dive At Dawn from Orange County, CA. We’re a “pop punk” band that’s just trying to get our music out to people. This past year we’ve had the opportunity to play with some great touring bands like young culture, homesafe, and Belmont. We would love it if you could check out our music!

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Pathetic Ordinary

Hey pop punkers, we just released our debut single "Some Pop Punk Song I Wrote (About You) . If you're a fan of pop punk with breakdowns, feel free to check us out !

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Anthem For Maria

Hello there homies! We are Anthem For Maria and here's our newest music video "Philophobia" from our latest album entitled "Brace Yourself". The album name says what you can expect from the album. Prepare for a baaaang! Hope you love it.

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Sparring Partner

Hey! We're Sparring Partner, a self-proclaimed fat-faced hover punk band from London, Ontario! We play music along the likes of A Day to Remember and Real friends with our own London vibe tossed in! We just released our new single 'Vacant' and we're stoked for everyone to hear it!

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Yvet Garden

Hey, we are Yvet Garden from France. We just release our first single "Way Out" through a music video off our debut EP Twisted Tales produced by Bert & Eric from Chunk No Captain Chunk. Hope you like it.

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The Ethereal & I

We are The Ethereal & I, and this is the music video for our first single Sovereign. We hope you enjoy it!

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Wake Up

by Nautical Mile

G'day! We're Nautical Mile, a pop-punk/post-hardcore quartet founded in 2015 in Perth, Western Australia. We're following up our 2017 EP "Playing For Keeps" with a brand new single, "Better Half of Me", dropping on July 10th!

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As Astronauts

Hey y’all. We are As Astronauts. We’re here with the simple intention of just trying to bring some more tasty and slightly heavy pop punk into the world. We got riffs, we got screams. What more could you ask for? Check us out.

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Hey there, we are an Easycore cover-duo from Germany named "Shrimpfield". Today, we released our first full-length "The Shrimpfield Lane". At least for us it's also some sort of "Best Of", as it is packed with 14 of our covers we released on YouTube since 2017. This song is one of them. Enjoy!

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