The Pickup

Maudlin Paupin' Man

by Ryan R and the Repertoire

Hi, I'm Ryan. I've been writing songs and playing in bands since I was 13. I started playing clubs when I was 15, recording in studios at 16, and at 25 I packed up and moved to NYC, where I was in and out of bands for 15 years. Now, at 41, I'm back in Arizona and decided to "go solo" with buddies!

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Cold Smoke

by Slow Science

Hi, we're Slow Science, we were around many years ago but took a break while members focused on other projects - namely the bands Axes and Human Pyramids - but we've got back together to play the Manchester Punk Fest and thought we'd also record a couple of songs while we're at it.

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by Giant Walker

Hey, we're Giant Walker and this is our brand new single, 'Katoomba' and our final single before our debut album release in May! The song opens with a menacing guitar riff that undulates with an intricate, yet powerful drum groove. FFO Karnivool, Deftones, Soundgarden, Tool.

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Why Worry?

by Young Pretorians

An ode to staying mindful and focusing on the present amidst the noise and anxiety of the last two years. We had a lot of fun with this one!

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Dreams From Hell

by Staytus

I'm sharing 'Dreams From Hell," a single from my upcoming album "Disease Of The Mind." This song is about the pain and anguish of experiencing abuse over and over again. I built Dreams From Hells on elaborate synth-scapes, with distorted, warped guitars, and pulsating beats. I hope you love it.

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by The Sewer Cats

CW: domestic violence. We wrote Delia in reply to Delia’s Gone by Johnny Cash. Although made famous by Cash, Delia’s Gone is a historic folk song based on a real 14-year-old African American murder victim who was shot by her boyfriend.

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Melangkah Terarah

by The Last Samurai Syuhada

TLSS is : Maulana Singgih : Bass Lead Vocals, Agung Raharja : Guitar Bac Vocals, Afri Burhanudin : Drums. This time The Last Samurai Syuhada (TLSS) [Indonesia] have released a music lyric video new track called "Melangkah Terarah" made a breakthrough by collaborating with Zachary Topuh.

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Hey, I want to share this new song and video I did with my friends The OBGMs. Dance and reclaim your space in the world. SATE

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The Patriarch

by Breaths

'The Elders' is the first single off of my upcoming sophomore album, 'Though life has turned out nothing like I imagined, it is far better than I could have dreamt.' The song is about the loss of all my grandparents starting pretty early (age 3) and into my early 20's.

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Nali on läbi

by Punkentsefaliit

Estonian punk rock band Punkentsefaliit celebrated their 20th anniversary by releasing their third album "Nali on läbi" on April 1st. The album is available on Spotify, Amazon, Bandcamp, Deezer etc. This is the last song of the album.

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by The Blood Republic

Hey guys, i'm Zak from The Blood Republic and i'm all about making music that I love and I hope you love it too!

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by Vini Vicious

We are Vini Vicious, a Rack\Alt band from Tel-Aviv. "Vultures" was one of the last songs written during the sessions for Vini's upcoming EP 'Atelophobia', and its second single (full album out April 2022).

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by InRetrospect

Our latest single deadweight. explores the abrupt, and at times terrifying, experience of sleep paralysis. During the writing process for this particular song, we were eager to experiment with intensity in order to effectively convey the duality between paranoid insomnia, and restful serenity.

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Pride And Prejudice

by The Outside Kids

Hey all, we're the two functioning brain cells that make up The Outside Kids! We're a post pop-punk band influenced by your favorite Warped tour and grunge/punk stables, fed up with the "follow the leader to our mutual demise" mentality the world seems to have these days.

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Rochester, NYs CHRMR consists of former and current members of Sulaco, Contrarian. However we take a different approach. Rather than the death metal/grind/hardcore leaning of those bands, CHRMR combine sludgy post-metal and noise rock in a way that's equal parts angst-driven and beautifully emotive.

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The Way We Are Meant To Be

by Judgment, The

Hi, this is the first single from Judgment, The. It took me 3 years until everything was ready and I dared to publish the material. I wasn't even sure if I wanted to. The first of a few songs I cut from my heart - very personal. Things that touch me deeply, and maybe you too. Greetings, Luki.

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by Hike The Peak

The 5th ep from HIKE THE PEAK continues the multi country ethos of the project and concludes the first 10 songs. We are proud to add ANDY RAE from Englands HOOF, and from Belgium; FOR I AM’s HANNE TERWEDUWE and ST. PLASTER’s TIM VAN DOORN.

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Ultra Violent

by The Stealers

Ultra Violent tackles the theme of teenage rebellion and angst emphasised by the dirty tone of the instruments, punchy drums and cutting vocals. It's definitely one of the most creative and professional songs we have released so far. A wall of sound that you can feel just as much as you can hear.

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International No One

by Low Morale

Hi! This track is off of our album “Making You Better Feeling”, streaming everywhere. We kind of combine west coast skate punk, east coast emo and rust belt punk rock to form melodic, dark, cathartic and energetic anthems. Enjoy!

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Post Rona Perfect

by Ragdoll Sunday

Hi all, we're Ragdoll Sunday & following on from our well received last EP 'Welcome To The Industry', we're now releasing a new song & video 'Post Rona Perfect'. If you like it, please check our other stuff which is on all the streamers & videos on YouTube!

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