The Pickup

Casual Sex


We’ve all been in a situation where you start seeing someone and there’s an ambiguity around where you stand with them and it all becomes a bit messy. This song is about as honest and blunt as you can get.

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Against all odds

by Crashed Out

Hi guys we have been around a long time (1995) toured all over the world played with some of the scenes greatest band. We have our our sound, put it this way we put the ROCK in punk rock! Hope you like cheers

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by Subliminal Landmines

Hey guys! We're Subliminal Landmines, a punk band from Lafayette, LA, and this is our song "Ungrateful" off of our latest record 'Gibberish'. Tune into your inner hate and let loose with this one. Hope you enjoy

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by The Absurd

Hey You! Do you like rock n' roll, gettin stoned, and giving the finger to anyone who tells you to conform? How about Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and The Doors? Then you should probably check out the thunderous rock n roll power-trio The Absurd....or not.. but it'd be a lot cooler if you did.

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The Ignorance Of Us

by Next Stop Olympus

We are Next Stop Olympus and we mix the heavy breakdowns and screaming vocals of metalcore with the intricate guitars and anthemic choruses of classic Rock n’ Roll, we have crafted our own unique brand of modern metalcore, with nostalgic vibes that will have you banging your head & singing along!

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by No Terror in the bang

No Terror in The Bang is a Cinematic Metal band from Rouen. It weaves a chiaroscuro universe, between fragility and fury.

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Hit By A Bus

by Parker Woodland

“Hit By A Bus” imagines calling up an old friend, only to be told they have died. The chorus -- “If I die tomorrow / please just don’t forget to sing” -- is an admonition to live life to the fullest and share it with others, a sentiment at the center of Erin Walter’s humanist ministry.

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Coopers Drive


Hey Guys, we're PARLA - Melancholy post-hardcore from Cardiff. Our debut EP 'Fervour/Further' is up for release on February 19th and its been a long time coming. Its our most organic product to date and we can't wait for you to hear it - give our latest single 'Coopers Drive' a spin right now x

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The Politics of Sinking

by Sex Cuts

We're the Sex Cuts, four strangers from Gothenburg in Sweden. The track "The Politics of Sinking" deals with the frustration of not fitting in and feeling that something's wrong with you. A feeling of being a part of something you hate and wanting to leave but always end up coming back to it.

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by The Jacklights

The Jacklights are a melodic punk band out of Boston with a new track called 'Winter'

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by Tritonic

Hector is the final track from their debut album 'Port of Spain,' A raw, frenetic and frantic mixture of punk, prog, pop, indie and metal, Tritonic show they have one foot planted in hardcore’s forms and conventions and one foot determinedly outside of it.

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Hey!! We are VERSIVE, our new tune "November" just got released via Paper + Plastic Records. Alan Day of Four Year Strong invited us out to Massachusetts to record some music and this song was a result of it! I hope you enjoy it. We are loud, rumbustious and most importantly, honest in what they do.

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Public Execution

by Worn

We're a hardcore punk band from Wilkes Barre. If you like moshing, you'll like this. If you like d-beat you'll like this. Preorder the LP now as it is almost sold out.

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Shark Week

by Yeah Sure

This absolute banger is the last track from our first EP, "Sasquatch Ain't Hidden." It's a concept album about getting stoned with Sasquatch, out February 15th, 2021. It will be available everywhere then, but I can send a link to a private bandcamp page before the album comes out. Thanks!

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Nothing But A Memory


Dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment means your whole life stops—everything else takes a back seat while you enter battle mode. You are faced with the concept of your own mortality and identity, but there’s also the opportunity for perspective.

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Throw The Bones

by Ai

Ai is the name of a project band comprised of 2 humans. it really was a case of collaborate or self destruct. It's a feeling toned experience. Use the word Punk - as in attitude. enjoy yourself.

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by Bad Idea

Hey - we're Bad Idea, Leeds fuzzy dream-pop kids. We've just released the first of two new singles with Rose Coloured Records, 'Winter', a pop vocal-led punk track about when you could waste your money on getting drunk with your friends (which we're all desperately missing). Hope you enjoy! <3

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by Chapter 19

We are UK angular post-hardcore twosome CHAPTER NINETEEN who return with the release of our new EP, A Story Well Told, which arrives on Friday 23rd April. We also unleash a new single, How Is There Hope, featuring Josh Redrup from Palm Reader, out on Friday 12th February.

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Hey guys, girls and non-binary pals, We are COLORWAVE from London, UK. COLORWAVE is about honesty, about tough love, about sharing experiences. It is boundless and borderless, havoc and harmony. It’s been a home for the wildly weird, those wonderfully wicked, and every stormy soul in-between.

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After Thought

by ForeignWolf

We blend heavy alt-rock loaded with enticing hooks and monstrous riffs. With comparisons to Alexisonfire, Deftones, and Alter Bridge, we drop our new EP, Your Weapons, Your Words, which arrives on Friday 14th May. We will also reveal a new single, Alone, on Friday 5th March.

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