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On Our Own

by Lasting Effect

On Our Own is an energetic and upbeat song about coping with losing touch with lots of childhood friends after graduating high school and college when everyone starts to go their own way in life by relocating, having kids, or becoming too busy to give efforts to the friendship.

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TV Personality

by Alpha Pet

TV Personality, the third single from the fast emerging Swedish post-punk band, is a melancholic punk rock song in wide screen technicolor format that will make you beat your chest and belt out the chorus from the first listen.

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Hungover You

by We Demand Parachutes

Our new single "Hungover You" is from our new EP Outside The Null Field, produced by Alan Day of Four Year Strong and out in November. The video drops on September 9, just before we play Blue Ridge Rock Festival in Virginia.

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3 Weeks 3 Months

by FridayNightLights

We are UK tunesmiths FRIDAYNIGHTLIGHTS and we release our new single, Bridge To Engine Room, on Friday 14th October. The track is taken from our new EP, IV, which was recorded with Bob Cooper (WSTR, Ginger Wildheart), and is set to drop in 2023. For now, please check out our track, 3 Weeks 3 Months.

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More For Me To Write

by The Running Free

We are Brit alt-rock crew, THE RUNNING FREE, and we are poised to make our mark with our new anthemic new single, Belief, on Friday 14th October. For now, please check out our past single, More For Me To Write.

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Fall Away

by Hype Lights

We are alt-rock crew HYPE LIGHTS, and we deliver our new single and video, Fever Dream, on Friday 7th October. This cut is taken from our eagerly awaited debut album, Leave It All Behind, which arrives via all platforms on Friday 14th April 2023. For now, please check out our last single, Fall Away.

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by Forgotten Sons

We are FORGOTTEN SONS and we are back with the release of our new self-titled EP, out Friday 18th November. The EP is preceded by a cracking new single and video, Flipside, out now -

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Pipes (radio edit)

by The Ducks

Hello wrong uns, we're The Ducks, one of Brighton's (UK) most original bands. A weird, unique, absurd punk 2 piece. Recently, Louder Than War's new band of the day. This track is about DIY plumbing.

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by Bornside

Hi! We're Bornside from Lyon. “Somewhere” is the 3rd single from our first EP, “Light Rain & Dick Moves” released on 19/09/2022. It's about the questions we all have, every day. Whether it’s about our place in today’s society, our place in the workplace, in our family or in our group of friends.

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by Alive In Barcelona

The post-hardcore-tinged track sees the band eloquently layering yearning clean vocals with heavy instrumentals that mimic the lyrics’ emotional density. "Asphyxiate" is from the band's upcoming "Flatline" EP set to release on November 4, 2022.

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by Attendant

A.I.T.A. is three minutes and 15 seconds of infectious hooks, big instrumentation, and tongue-in-cheek lyrical wit. The band consists of singer, songwriter and guitarist Andy Walker, with Guy Davis (Reuben, Freeze The Atlantic) and Chris Rouse (Hold Your Horse Is, Samoans) splitting drumming duties.

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Lung Capacity

by Hot Mass

Our new single 'Lung Capacity' is out now. Check out the video for it here. It's a homage to the greatest video/80's banger 'The King of Rock n Roll' by Prefab Sprout. The song features on our upcoming record 'Happy, Smiling and Living the Dream' which is released 14th October.

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Nelson Muntz had an Absent Father Too

by Pillow Fort

Heya! I'm Ryan of Pillow Fort, a band straight out of the UK DIY emo scene. After becoming a 3 piece in 2021, we were finally able to record music together in May this year, and this is the result! The song is about the realisation that blood relation doesn't entitle someone to be in your life.

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"We love reverb"

by She is Dead

We love reverb" is the name of the new high of She is Dead, the album has 10 tracks recorded between the end of 2021 and the beginning of 2022, produced again by Luiz Orta and recorded at Estúdio Mylo in Curitiba/Brazil .

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Unload Your Guns

by Bluebirds

Bluebirds are an aggressive post-punk duo from Exeter, UK. They released 3 EPs in 2020, (recorded in isolation on their laptops), covering social, political and surrealist themes. In September 2022 Bluebirds are set to release 'Fortified Whines', their most accomplished work to date.

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The Adventures Of Captain Yellowtooth In The Temple Of Dumb

by The Owen Guns

Sneak peak of a track from our first full length album "Dawn Of The Braindead" out 23 September.

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What We Dwell On


Hey guys! We are PSTCRDS and we have just released our new song "What We Dwell On". With a fresh anthemic sound added to the mix, the track is about the emotions surrounding a failing friendship. Eventually you can only try for so long to keep someone in your life who doesn’t want to be there.

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by After Elmer

Hi! It's After Elmer and we're back with a brand new single! 'Skyline' is our poppunk hometown-anthem for the lovely city of Rotterdam, a place where everybody works hard to reach their goals, gets kicked down but always gets back up again. The video slaps, too! Check it out!

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We are RUINA and we unleash our spanking new EP, As The Sky Begins To Break, on Friday 30th September. We also deliver our powerful brand-new single and video, Ash & Fire, on Friday 23rd September

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by Pryti

Hi I'm Pryti and this my new song Wasteland. It's about saying goodbye to habits and thinking patterns or people that aren’t good for you. If you like a mixture of alternative rock, metal and hard rock this is for you It's released on my own label Welcome To Pariahville.

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