The Pickup


by I See Vultures

We are Brit newcomers I SEE VULTURES and we have just unleashed a new single, Neversafe, through all streaming sites. We hail from Leicester and have been likened to everyone from At The Drive In, Comeback Kid, Rage Against The Machine, Gallows, Beartooth, to Linkin Park. Please check us out.

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by Rattleback

G'day G'day, we're Rattleback, a bass, drums, vocals only punk band from Melbourne, Australia. I've included a track off our debut album that I consider the most fun to play! It might not be the best track but you'd have to check out the rest of the album to decide that for yaself!

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The One Who Pushed (feat. Joey Fleming)

by Rival Town

If you've been looking for that high energy break up song, look no further. Rival Town has you covered. Huge hooks, soaring vocals and a dope feature from Joey Fleming (In Her Own Words), this song has it all.

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Industrial tinged and true crime inspired electronic duo SKYND have revealed the official video for the new song "Columbine." The track features death trap rapper Bill $Aber.

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by Take Breath

Hi Guys, thanks for this opportunity! This song is our second release and a real cathartic one for us. It touches on a very personal story of loss and we hope that emotion is conveyed to you. I hope you enjoy x

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by Tear Them Down

We are Tear Them Down fron Gothenburg Sweden. This is our brand new song Sacrifice from out sophomore album coming out later this winter. Sacrifice is a one minute punk anthem about DIY, giving all you got and never looking back. Something everybody in the punk community can relate to.

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by Crown The King

Hi, We're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland. This is our second single Honey, its an upbeat pop punk track about the pettiness that follows a bad breakup. We'd appreciate it if you checked us out and let us know what you think!

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Twitter Troll

by Dead End America

We are Dead End America, our message of intent is clear. "Jack-hammering, old-school style hardcore tunes...written and played by a rogues gallery of real deal music lifers as a condemnation of the criminal Trump administration and republican party." - writes Mark Lanegan in our liner notes

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by Emerge Restless

Our style blends powerful music with vocal harmonies. This song was produced by Alex Aldi (Passion Pit) and is a great showcase of our sound.

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The Enemy Doesn't Sleep

by Entropy

Hey everyone, we're ENTROPY from Hamburg, Germany. "The Enemy Doesn't Sleep" is from our debut album"Liminal", and its a groovy mid-tempo anthem that deals with paranoia and anxiety. We navigate the vast seas of everything guitar-centric, from shoegaze to indie rock to posthardcore.

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debut ep, 'in earnest'

by in earnest

Hey everybody! We're in earnest, a sad indie band and our debut ep is out right now! For fans of emotional, heartfelt lyricism and songs with meaning. We'd love it if you could go take a listen! for more info.

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Nothing New Today

by Mr. Fartface

Hey guys! We're Mr. Fartface, a punk rock band hailing from Belgium. We've just dropped our new single and video, “Nothing New Today”. If you're into bands such as Bad Religion, Authority Zero or Pennywise... Check us out! :)

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Knee Jerk

by Pussycat and The Dirty Johnsons

I wrote this song after hearing about that white woman who called the police on a black family minding their own business having a barbeque, and then it grew into a song that was also about reactionary people on social media.

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Drowned & Drained

by Two and a Half Girl

Hello! I'm Chris, bass player of Two and a Half Girl! I'm think this record is special because it has a kind of drive that I really like! Als the lyrics really speak to me and also to the other band members. It's about all of us!

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by Versari

French post-punk three-piece Versari are delighted to announce the UK release of their emotive third album, Sous la Peau, out on 16th November 2020 via Good Deeds. To announce the release, Versari have unveiled a three track set including album tracks 'Brûle', 'Des Images' and 'Plus de Tristesse'.

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"The Con" full length

by Warrior Tribes

We're a hardcore punk band from Chicago. 15 songs, 24 minutes of boundary poking HC. This is our posthumous debut full length. All $$$ from sales are being donated to two Chicago based charities: My Block, My Hood, My City and Assata's Daughters,

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Well Enough Alone


It’s a song about unrequited love, pure and simple. Boy meets girl at a party, girl finds another guy, boy gets his heart broken and goes home. It’s fun, it’s sad, it’s verging on whiny... hope you like it!

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1. Spinning Wheels 2. Listen Up! 3. Battle Cries 4. Bloodlines

by Dead Low

Greetings, we are a brand new Punk Rock N Roll band called DEAD LOW. Formed in late 2019 on the barren shores of Massachusetts. The power trio lineup consists of some well seasoned members from bands such as REVILERS, LED TO THE GRAVE, and FAST TIMES. Hope you enjoy, Cheers!

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by Hornbill

Hello everyone, we are Hornbill and "Pathetic" is the opening song on our brand new album, "I'm Sad and I Don't Know Why". This album is in support of poor mental health and proceeds from this album will go to non-profits to help those who need it most.

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Welcome To Austerity Britain

by Lay It On The Line

Ex and current members of In Evil Hour, River Jumpers, Hang The Bastard - our 2nd album just came out today and this is the first track from it.... on the state of our beloved country.

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