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Beat Me

by Call Me Zuko

A powerful blend of edgy progressive rock, explosive riffs, soaring harmonies, hard-hitting alt-rock - The track 'One' we have just had UK airplay on Planet Rock's the 'New Rock Show' - 23/3/20 & 30/03/20 Call Me Zuko are just 2 guys, Trevor Brown (writer/vox/drums) and Alex Waring (guitars)

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Borrowed TIme

by Dali

We are DALI and we hurl out riff-infused alt-rock laced with commanding vocal lines, and thoughtful structures. We dropped our debut EP, VOL. 1, on Friday 24th April. We have also just unleashed our brand new single and video for Borrowed Time

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The Void of No Return

by Deceased

Single-track "The Void of No Return" taken from our debut album coming this year. It's an introduction to Deceased's new approach, a new vibe and definitely new sound. We hope that the album translates well to our listeners both new and old.

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by Hills Like White Lions

Weaving together euphoria and melancholy, Hills Like White Lions offer a colorful bouquet of emotional and diverse music. Their self-titled debut concept album represents all of these and tells a story of love, egotism, greed, revelation and growth.

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The Great Comedown

by Intentional Overdose

We're Intentional Overdose, a hardcore punk band from Los Angeles, Ca. Here's "The Great Comedown" from our 2020 demo "The Quarantine Session"

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by Jay Parade

We're Jay Parade from Charleston, WV. This is a single off our upcoming album which is out July 3rd. The song is called 'Destroyer' and is a story about betrayal and the negative, unproductive ways people deal with it.

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Two & Three

by Mosaic

Hey, we're Mosaic. This is our song 'Two & Three' and it's the main release from our new EP 'Wear It Like A Pumpkin Pie'.

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I Refuse

by Olly E

I'm Olly E, an Alternative Rock singer-songwriter from Leicestershire, UK. As an outsider, I write songs that reflect my life, aiming to give hope through music to those who feel lost or alone.

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by Overset

After playing shows with bands like WSTR and ROAM, we spent some time looking for a fresh sound and have delivered a single we are extremely proud of. Influenced by bands like Hot Mulligan, we wrote this song for anyone who has ever lost someone and had to deal with the hardship that followed.

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Life Aquatic

by Peaks

Peaks is an acoustically driven emo folk project by Cheshire based singer/songwriter Ben Forrester.

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Love Song

by Percy

Yorkshire based Percy gained notoriety in the early nineties when their home brand of left-field post-punk led to a record deal with legendary Leeds label Mook Records. Sounding fresher than ever, this is 'Love Song'.

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Watch It Burn

by Refraze

My latest project entitled 'Anti-Social-Anxiety' is 6 tracks of fast flowing uptempo rap metal craziness and the lead single 'Watch it Burn' is as fiery as its music video!

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All Of Us

by Sauce

Hi we're Sauce, a four piece rock band from Manchester who have been grafting away and writing good old fashioned rock and roll songs that bring a bit of a feelgood factor back to guitar music. All of Us is our best example of that.

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Trees From Seeds

by Serpent Tax

Hey, I thought you might be interested in my band, Serpent Tax's latest release. We sit somewhere between prog punk and metal. Cheers!

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Abusive Things

by Sharp Bones

Hey Guys, we are Sharp Bones from London and this is our new single “Abusive Things” The song is about an abusive relationship - getting put down and kicked down all the time. Hope you all enjoy it!

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by Smiling Assassin

We're Smiling Assassin, a Yorkshire Punk band with a mission to breathe some fresh air into the punk scene! This is the debut track 'Coping' from our album which will be released on the 31st of May 2020. ENJOY!

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by Sobriquet

Hey everyone, we're Sobriquet. A post-hardcore band from Sheffield, we love to make abrasive noise, big riffs and big hooks. This track is based on our singer's time spent in Okinawa, Japan, with the shadow of the American Military always present.

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by Sports Almanac

Hi guys! We're a new three-piece DIY pop punk based West Sussex... For fans of Spraynard, Modernbaseball and Gnarwolves, this is our third self recorded release. Thank you for checking us out!

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Tommyknockin' on Heaven's Door

by the World Forgot

Greetings, we are the World Forgot, a lycanthropic indie-punk band based out of Huntsville, AL made up of friends who have been playing music together in different projects for over 20 years. This track deals with inviting the God and Beast of yourself in to fist fight and seeing who prevails.

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Back On Your Feet

by Uncle Bard & the Dirty Bastards

Here is "Back on Your Feet", first single from upcoming album "The Men Beyond The Glass", out on April 24th. Uilleann pipes, tenor banjo and a solid rock rhythm section give way to new sounds and a unique way of mixing Irish Trad and Rock/Folk music.

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