The Pickup


by Neckscars

This is the first single from the upcoming Neckscars album, Don't Panic. "Jarring" is a fist-pumping number about improving your health.

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Class Act (feat. Shawna Potter)

by Old City

The track is a shout-out to all the female & non-binary rabble rousers in the punk and alternative scenes out there starting bands, writing zines, surfing crowds, and throwing firecrackers into the crowded punk-house backyard from the roof above.

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Against The Lake

by Phoenix Lake

Hey Guys, We are Phoenix Lake and this is our latest single Against The Tides although it was released a year ago, A worldwide Pandemic made it difficult for us to promote it properly and to the extent that it deserves, We really hope you love it! Thanks

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Vill inte vara här

by Planet Trash

Hey! We're a hardcoreband that just released our latest record, our first in swedish, called "Blodspår 2020". The first track called "Vill inte vara här" (I dont wanna stay around), is about ridding yourself of toxic people that by mere presence pollutes the air around you. Available on vinyl now!

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Faded Memories

by Venturas

We are the Venturas - a melodic skate punk band from Wermelskirchen, Germany (Cologne area) and were formed in 2004 out of a longtime friendship between us and our passion for skateboarding and punk rock. This is the first track from our self released record and we hope you enjoy it!

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United Hate Division

by City of The Weak

CITY OF THE WEAK combines modern rock with catchy pop-punk melodies. They have played with bands including Asking Alexandria, August Burns Red & PVRIS and at the largest rock music festivals. The band are currently recording their second album with producer Brandon Friesen (The HU, The Kooks)

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Aum / Olive Trees

by Dandy Island

Hello amazing people of punktastic. We have shared our next EP with you this is our first EP. It took us a year and a half to record,mix and master because of the... you-know-what. Hope you enjoy! It will be aired on 30th of april. Stay safe .

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Or Durves

by Egg Drop Soup

Egg Drop Soup is more than just a catchy, tongue-in-cheek name alluding to that time of the month. The power trio has become known for dishing up punk perfection within the heart of the Los Angeles indie music scene.

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Wasted / Fix Me

by Kitten Spitt

We're just two best friends making DIY tunes in a dingy bedroom, trying to keep the spirit of punk alive in our crummy town uwu

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Trash U Don't Need

by Knife Crime

Hi - we're Knife Crime from Birmingham. A 3 piece thrash punk band who have come together from a number of other Brum bands. We like to combine aggressive music with great choruses. This song is taken from our first EP, 'Spilt Milk', and is our effort to undermine the world of consumerism.

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Welcome Home

by Matt Caskitt & The Breaks

"Hi, I'm Matt Caskitt and these are The Breaks!" If you were seeing us live right now as you're reading this, that's what you'd be hearing. When my marriage fell apart and Caskitt went on indefinite hiatus, I wrote a bunch of songs that turned into this album: "Welcome Home".

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St. Miguel

by McBain

McBain is a Punk Rock power trio based in Milano, Italy. There's only one important thing our song: it's fast and short. We can't promise you'll like but for sure you won't have time to get bored.

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by My Latest Failure

We are a three piece Punk Band from Middlesex, London (UK) who play heavy riffs, catchy hooks with sing along lyrics. Known for being energetic and raw with our sound. Voices is off our Failures Vol.2 EP out 30/04/2021

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Arthaus Rock

by The Uptights

«Arthaus Rock» is the first song we've released since our debut cassette, «At the Wörthersee Hotel», from 2011. It comes with a B-side called «Rings Hollow». Both are filled with distorted guitars, strange bells and haunting echoes. They're taken from our new album, which is due out on June 25th.

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by Vampire Slumber Party

hey, my name's yusuf laher. now formerly of london, uk punk band laserchrist. i wrote an album called funeral pop during lockdown

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Beyond This Black Horizon

by Mountain Caller

Our new EP "Chronicle: Prologue", a prequel to our album story, will be released 9th July 2021 on New Heavy Sounds. Beyond This Black Horizon is the first single!

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Away We Go

by Cold Company

Ever wondered what the Grim Reaper's routine is like?....Look no further. This is my debut track from an upcoming EP which is set for release in a number of months from now. This is a passion project, a Covid baby which has finally seen the light of day after years of heartbreak and graft.

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Lead Balloon

by Dude Safari

Hey peeps we're Dude Safari! A new Grunge-Pop band from Surrey in England. We've just released our second single 'Lead Balloon' a two minute thirty grunge punch to the iris. We really hope you dig it!

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by Luxora

Hello Punktastic readers! We are Luxora, a four piece post hardcore band from Saint Louis, MO. Our video for Resurrector perfectly encapsulates our personalities, and the song itself is a great introduction to our sound.

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