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Oh Dang

by Worse Off

Worse Off is a pop punk duo featuring Jaclyn Falk and Colin Jay (2/5ths of Entropy NY). Oh Dang is a single from their debut EP, You Win Some, You Lose A...Lot. The EP tackles the struggles of trying to find your way through an often cold and conflicting world by way of fun-bummer pop punk jams.

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Navy Days

by Hinge

Hi people ,we are Hinge from Essex We have been wanting to play in a punk band for years, due to the boozers shutting down during lockdown, what else was there to do but write music. We got our first 7 track self titled EP out and would love people to go check it out.

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by Movment

We produce raw, intense, engaging, and real alternative rock music with guitars, electronics, bass, drums and experiments with sound. We use technology & instruments to produce their sound, and make observations on life and living.

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Turn out the Light

by Voodoo Radio

Power-punk pair VOODOO RADIO consists of singer/drummer Paige and guitarist Tony and unleash debut 10” mini-album POP PILLS – a collection of eight deliciously infectious two-and-a-half minute pop songs of pure relentless, raw power. Lead single 'Turn out the Light' is coming Friday 3 December, and you can pre-order the album from it's out on 27 January

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by Mani Kontador

Mani Kontador is a quirky punk band from the Philippines. Junee Abe (Guitar/Vocals), Rafael Gerardo (Bass/Vocals) and Ralph Rapiz (Drums) started in May 2019. They simply know how to elevate pranking to some sort of art form.

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"If You're Like Me"


We're ALL BITE from LA and this is "If You're Like Me" off our new album Get Well Soon! We recorded this track with Jack Shirley (Jeff Rosenstock, Joyce Manor) at his studio The Atomic Garden in Oakland, CA. It's a super fast folk-punk track about self-loathing after ending a relationship!

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by Crown The King

Hey whats up, we're Crown The King from Dublin, Ireland and this is our new single "Melissa", it's an anthemic pop punk track about being there for someone in a time of need. This is our fourth single and the first track taken from our Debut EP coming later this year!

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by Fat Heaven

We're Fat Heaven, a 3 piece punk band, from Brooklyn NY. We spent the last week making this video DIY to have something fun for Halloween. This song is called Tarantula and is available on a split EP we put out today 'Trash & Fat Heaven'. Its streaming everywhere alongside our track "Narc."

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Live And Let Go


Based in Manila, JUST LIKE US. is an independent pop-punk band powered by anthemic choruses, melodic guitar riffs, and self-reflective lyrics. Genuine, relatable and honest their latest single, 'Live And Let Go' is a somber anthem for those experiencing burnout from their home, relationships—life.

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Blue Eyes

by Bratboy

Excited to send you the new single from Vancouver's Bratboy, feat. Bella Bebe (guitar/vox), Megan Magdalena (bass/vox), and Tony Dallas on drums. Since 2017 they’ve opened for the likes of La Luz, Dumb, Blackwater Holylight and many more with their bright, anthemic riffs and high energy vocals.

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Bot Noxious


Hawker sounds loose, out of control and ready to be played as people slam-dance into each other!!! Written and recorded during the height of the pandemic.

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by Walled City

Hi! We're Walled City, from St. Petersburg FL. We play fast, melodic, hardcore/punk. We just released our debut EP, Dream Deprivation, and would love to share it with everyone.

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by 3 Minute Riot

3 Minute Riot is a punk rock band from Mexico City. Influenced by genres such as punk rock, garage and rock and roll, the band has 3 singles and currently working on a brand new EP. Atreyu, our latest single, maintains the seal of the band, but being very faithful to the punk sound of the classics.

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by Soda Section

Hey Punktastic, Soda Section is a pop-punk band that was born in Jakarta and during the pandemic. The name soda is taken from our liking for soft drinks that are often drunk during rehearsal

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by CellarDoor

The sound could best be described as a mix of nu-metal riffs, earth shattering breakdowns and catchy hooks. If you're a fan of some heavy metalcore with a dark twist, this one is definitely for you.

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Farming in Detroit

by Cruel Children

Hi we're Cruel Children and this song's about starting a cult on an urban farm! Ever felt sad? Like this world isn't for you? Well consider: for a low low price (courtesy of Urban Blight) you could buy a (slightly run down) house and a plot of land in Detroit, and start you very own little world!

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Hope Like Hell

by Suckerpunch

Upon first listen, the bright, pop punk guitars and infectious energy will paint a smile on your face. Underneath the sing-along exterior lies the somber yet hopeful message of battling and overcoming depression.

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Blood Drips From Bit Lips

by Gross

I am a multi-instrumentalist and have been in many bands, but rarely do I ever have creative control. this is my solo project and am very proud of it and have a lot of fun making it.

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Get Light

by Nobody, No One

We are Nobody, No One and this is “Get Light”, the single off our 2020 self-titled E.P. This E.P. is a concept E.P., but at this point, the character is finally finding respite and solace when he really needs it.

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Selling Stars

by The Cascadian Divide

We’re a new Seattle-based punk band formed by the members of Longward and Regional Faction. Tyler got stuck in Ireland for months during the covid lockdown, so we started this side project while waiting for Tyler to finally get home, but the music ended up being too good to not share with the world.

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