The Pickup

Come Upstairs

by In Earnest

What's up Punktastic! ‘CU’ is about mental health: “My partner’s mental health struggles mean I spend every moment keeping a brave/positive face. We’re learning how to combat negative thinking, I’m usually the one who has to pull her out of waves of depression.”

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Quiet Eye

by Kekal

Indonesia-based avant-garde/experimental metal band Kekal just recently released their latest video, "Quiet Eye", the second of the series of music videos to highlight the central theme of their upcoming new full-length album "Quantum Resolution".

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by Non Serviam

Salem is a very raw and brutal song with aspects of black metal, sludge, HC & industrial.

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Insult To Injury

by Rebelmatic

Rebelmatic is a seminal part of a Brooklyn hardcore scene centered around bands consisting of people of color. The video for “Insult To Injury” is centered around a black man being chased through the streets to match the lyrical content. Their new EP is out this summer on Red Right Recordings.

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Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bullshit

by Those Fucking Snowflakes

Our chaotic lefty noise band 'Those F**king Snowflakes' have created a new lyric video for our song 'Boris Johnson and the Big Red Bus of Bulls**t' that we are releasing on Fri 28th August. The song is taken from our current EP 'Straight Wealthy White Male Suffrage' out now.

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Gun Dogs


We played 2 London Headline shows as part of a UK tour Single Gun Dogs, produced by Steph Carter (ex-Gallows) massive for us to work with him as big Gallows fans! We’re on 15 Playlists on Spotify & bowled over to get airplay on Kerrang! Radio Featured Artist of the Week & championed by Alex Baker

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The Misfit

by Unknown era

As the title suggests, 'The Misfit' is about not feeling you fit into society. The video is a montage of home footage shot in lockdown of the band and singing and dancing along in and around Nottingham, social distanced of course..

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Lost On The Endless Sea

by Affidavit

Hello there, we're Affidavit (Alternative Rock - Paris, France)! This track brings together the most energetic influences of the band, from Hardcore Punk to Pop Punk, with an airy Math Rock outro. A lively mix of The Story So Far, Four Year Strong And And So I Watch You From Afar.

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Hey guys! This is my debut single 'R.I.P'. It's such a bold statement that it had to be the first single; it's like opening a can of worms and a firework coming at you instead!

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Almost There

by Chiliocosm

If Rise Against and the Red Hot Chili Peppers had a kid, it would probably sound like this

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Bad Touch (Cover)

by Cuecliché

We are Cuecliché a three piece Pop Punk band from London. July 10th marks four years together as a band for us and we decided to release a version of a cover we've been doing since our early days. The Bad Touch by Bloodhound gang... with a twist! We hope you like it.

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Rounding Error

by Elevant

Loud, noisy, and heavy Liverpool band wrote a song about your issues, conditions, and worries being boiled down to a number that doesn't compute.

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Flatten the Curve

by FTC

This single was made on lockdown by 31 indie rock participants. Debuted in Rolling Stone, the brand new video we debuted by Brooklyn Vegan. 1000 streams in a day, the song is over 20K streams. All proceeds go to charity, and dammit, we still need to Flatten the Curve!

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Just Say It

by Goalkeeper

Good morning! We are Goalkeeper from Philadelphia, PA! Our new EP "Life in Slow Motion" is out on 9/25/2020 and we just released our new song " Just Say It". The EP was produced by Kevin Mahoney of Hit the Lights, engineered by Will Pugh of Cartel, and mixed/ mastered by Seb Barlow of Neck Deep!

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by Goodfella

Hello, we are four-piece pop-punk band Goodfella and this is our first single of our upcoming EP, Hindsight. We just recorded with Seth Henderson at Always Be Genius Studios again, and really feel like every song from this EP represents our true sound after five years of being in the band. Enjoy!

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I Want Your Bones

by Hotknives

Hotknives is a Post-Hardcore band from Hamilton, ON, Canada! IWYB is the debut single from our new EP "I", hope you dig it!

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Zombie Night

by Kalahari

Powerful break-downs and galloping riffs alternated with acoustic arpeggios and sinuous melodies: the result is an overwhelming sound, which remains clean, and still!

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Drunk Tank

by King Marm

Hey, we're King Marm and this is Drunk Tank, from our new EP TRASH. This has been a long time coming, it's a little bit angry, very dirty, and all big riffs. We're really excited to get this out into the world, we think it sounds huge. Cheers!

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The Cave (Where Spirits Hide)

by Lion Trail

Hello punktastic! Inspired by Plato's cave and Spider Jerusalem I came to the conclusion of mixing Doom\Sludge with Punk & Hardcore. The song is about how the news is just entertainment these days, and we all hide from the truth. This is my 2nd track, I hope you'd enjoy it!

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by Maggie Cassidy

This is the first single 'S.A.D' from our debut EP 'Life is Beautiful.'! It's all about Seasonal Affective Disorder and not seeing enough of the sun, which I think we can all relate to in these crazy times.

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