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Death Of The Author

by Sobriquet

Hi, we're a post-hardcore band from Sheffield called Sobriquet. 'Death Of The Author' is our new single, our first release in over two years and a song which firmly stands for self-expression in the face of those who wish to diminish it.

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Free the Fallen

by A Ritual Spirit

Hey folks, we're A Ritual Spirit from Edinburgh (Scotland), recently described as "Too metal for rock, too rock for grunge & too grunge for metal"!! We just released part one of a two part album "Elements I" and this track "Free the Fallen" pretty much sums up our cross genre sound. Enjoy!

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Fighting On My Own

by Socks In Bed

We are Socks In Bed, and this is the second track of our brand new EP which you can check out on spotify! It's received praise such as: “They are better than I thought they’d be” - A friends girlfriend “Like Green Day, but before they were sh*t” - Some guy at a Socks In Bed show #coldfeetsuck

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It Could Be

by The Outside Kids

We’ve all attempted something knowing it won’t work out, but tried anyway, and got caught up in the fantasy of potential. Hi! We are The Outside Kids, and we're your new best friends! Our new song "It Could Be" is thrashy, bouncy, riff-based, unexpected, melodic. We hope you enjoy it!

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by Without Love

We are Without Love - fast, melodic and passionate hardcore from the north of England, with members having previously played in bands including Grader and Half Sight. We put out our first song ‘Surrender’ a few weeks ago and our full EP is out on Friday 13th May, both on tape and streaming services

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by Trader

This is Trader! A loud and close-knit four-piece from Denmark ready to hit 2022 with the sound of aggressive distortion and pushing drums recorded at the remote but legendary Silence Studio in Sweden. Brand new single, 'Medieval', is out now and you should go give it a spin...

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War With China

by Sooty Owls

Sooty Owls are a three piece forest-fed original progressive rock band from Warburton in Victoria Australia formed during pandemic lock-downs in 2021. With Ryan Tews on drums, Doc Proctor on bass and PCD on the 12 strings and vocals. Playing progressive rock enviro punk.

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I want to see you tonight

by Hook

Recorded in an old Edwardian house in Dublin city. Originally released as a double-sided single (paired with the slow burner ‘Caroline’) earlier this year, ‘I Want To See You Tonight’ features high-octane instrumentation and infectious guitar hooks

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I Lost My Mandy (in the Sainsbury's Car Park)

by Animal Shithouse

Hi there, we're Animal Shithouse, a hardcore punk band from south-east England. Our tunes are absolute filth, and if you like dirty punk you'll love this tune from our debut EP. We're upcoming and appreciate each and everyone of our fans and so we hope you enjoy xx

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Bands Are Dumb

by Jambuka

Hello. We're Jambuka from Phoenix, Arizona! Thanks for checking us out!

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Through My Window

by Stud Count

Philly-based indie punk rockers Stud Count are back with “Through My Window,” the next single from their upcoming self titled album. The track’s upbeat, infectious melody is about growing up and recognizing the things we unlearn as we mature in relationships.

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Look Alive, Judy!

by Vampire Slumber Party

Hey folks, we're Vampire Slumber Party from London, UK and this is our new single, "Look Alive, Judy!" It's dark and dirty and we hope you love it.

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Consider Her Way

by West Wickhams

West Wickhams are Jon and Elle, Noir Deux Peace, originally from Tresco on the Isles of Scilly. Tresco is famously the island of lost souls and is home to subtropical plants and shipwrecked figureheads. West Wickhams are an imagined rival gang to punk style icons the Bromley Contingent.

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Coffee Stains & Picture Frames

by Nervous Light

CS&PF is our first single since the release of out debut EP earlier this year! Inspired by modern emo rock bands like Movements, it details the journey through heartbreak and moving on, reflecting on the self destructive behaviors that can rear their head when left unchecked and unaddressed.

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by InRetrospect

Our latest single ‘safe_haven.’ was written to parallel a number of prominent issues within modern society. Themes of dystopianism are woven throughout this unforgivingly heavy song; angular riffs and glitchy production techniques merge effortlessly to create a bleak and oppressive soundscape.

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My Tinder Date Ruined My Life

by Lawndale

G'day! We're Lawndale and "My Tinder Date Ruined My Life" is the opening track of our new EP, Letters to Iceland. The EP is all about recovering from a destructive breakup and "My Tinder Date" is the beginnings of the story - using paint and art metaphors to explain how poorly things can end up.

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Let Me Go

by My Escape

Check out the brand new video for "Let Me Go" from Pop-Punk band My Escape. Blending catchy hooks with up-beat tones that are sure to please fans of such bands as Blink 182, New Found Glory and Simple Plan

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Lucifer, I Wanna Be Everything

by Between Bodies

Hey there, we're German based Emo Punk band Between Bodies and we're glad to present "Lucifer, I Wanna Be Everything": It's pur first song in 3 years and is an emotional track about one's own inadequacy to fundamentally and seriously change things.

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For My Sins

by Famyne

Hailing from the heart of the garden of England, Canterbury Doom outfit Famyne have, ever since conception in 2014, been steadily building a name for themselves, and a sound all of their own. 'Famyne II: The Ground Below' will be released on Friday May 13th, via Svart Records.

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Cup of Coffee in the Big Time

by Radio Aftermath

Radio Aftermath are an alternative rock band from Leeds, UK. The song is a short sharp blast of high energy and is the band’s first release this year foreshadowing their debut self-titled EP due this summer. Blink and you'll miss it, but you won't soon forget it. See you in the aftermath...

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