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Stop Signs Are Merely Suggestions

by Moving Boxes

Hello! We're Moving Boxes, a silly little emo band from Raleigh North Carolina! This track is the first single off our upcoming album "The Things We Leave Behind". We're super proud of this one and we hope you like it.

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by Ratking

G'day everyone, we are Ratking from Perth, Western Australia. We are a punk/hardcore band influenced by the likes of Trash Talk, Last Lights, Ceremony, Wavves. We would be stoked if you gave us a listen!

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Hey folks, we are The Traders, a 3 piece band from France, that toured UK, Europe, Russia, and Canada. We play punk but if you like garage, pop and stoner you should find yourself into it! Think about Motörhead meets with Dead To Me, PUP, or None More Black. "How Much Art Can You Take?" is out now!

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Bad Soup // Absurd Beast

by Dad Magic

Hello! We're Dad Magic! Bad Soup is a song about how the world is suffocating through the actions of an arrogant species who took agency over nature. Absurd Beast describes the feeling of the absurd. A constant struggle between purpose and the feeling of impermanence as described by Albert Camus.

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by The Wednesday Play

We are post punk duo The Wednesday Play and this is our debut single “Flickers”. Recorded and produced by multi-instrumentalist Sam Soper with lyrics and vocals by Robert Paul, “Flickers“ is a blistering post-punk track featuring a wild saxophone solo by Chuchi Malpersona (Jim Jones All Stars).

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No Peace

by Iodine

Hey y'all, we are Iodine residing in Toronto, Ontario Canada. We have just released our debut EP "Once Bitten, Twice Shy", and wanted to shoot our shot at being highlighted in any form. We are huge fans of the site, and what you do for the scene. Much appreciated for the opportunity.

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by Volka

We're Volka and our new track 'Run' is about self-doubt and feelings of exasperation with a bouncy pop-punk energy for a slightly different vibe to some of our material which tends to be dark and stomping. From Scotland and formed in 2015 we're all about high-energy live shows and catchy riffs.

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Happy In Stereo

by The Ratskins

Hey Hey, The Ratskins present to you "Happy In Stereo" A furious Punk & Roll bAngEr from the debut album "Work, Die, Repeat". A song about the power of music and how the right song can override your entire mood and put a swagger in your step There you have it, the birth of an era. Enjoy!

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Built For This


This trio does their best to inject a little sunshine into everyday life's ups and downs. Embracing the spirit of Southern California’s pop, alternative, hardcore, and pop punk traditions, SUNBURNT fuses these influences into a tidy and modern package.

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by Dead Moths

We are Dead Moths, a five piece noisecore band from Derby, UK. We play chaotic live shows and shout a lot about politics

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Jane Doe


JANE DOE is the debut single from Cambridge's Best Boy Band, Bangkitan.

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“Irukandji” is the first single of the upcoming EP “INTI” that is gonna be released on 8.12.2023. The song is about the jellyfish Carukia Barnesi, the syndrome that occurs with burns by the smallest CB jellyfish in the world. The song contains very heavy parts like blast beats and very low growls.

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Same Old Story

by Read The Room

Hi, we are Norwich (UK) newcomers Read The Room. We're pop punk band with an alternative rock twist who aren't afraid to deliver annoyingly catchy hooks with a twist of humour. We have just launched our video single 'Same Old Story' (shot entirely on a phone!). Debut EP is also OUT NOW!

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by Death Cassette

Death Cassette is a punk band from Winnipeg, Manitoba that blends elements of grunge and hardcore. The sound is melodic, high energy, and vocally driven and they've recently signed to High End Denim Records to release their latest effort - a 6 track EP entitled "Get Rid Of It."

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Power of the Free

by The Bonstones

Veterans of the SF Bay Area music scene formed The Bonstones amid a shared love for pop punk ala Ramones and The Mr. T Experience among others. Their first two music videos have been well received so far and are garnering a lot of attention.

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by Yersin

We are Yersin an extreme metal band from Sunderland who've been going since about 2015/2016. We blend a little bit of every genre of extreme metal together so we're pretry hard to pigeon hole. If you like your music loud, fast and horrible then you should probably give us a listen.

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Friends Noises

by Every Face Becomes A Skull

This is a punk song about the comfort music/media that you always go back to.

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by Skitz Wizards

It's a song about our existential fears and how sometimes it feels so stupid to fear the inevitable despite every person who has ever lived or will ever live dying in the end. It's a song about trying to find the positive side of death and finding the optimism in life.

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by InRetrospect

Ripping straight into the core of their new sonic wave, 'WHO CARES?!' is a direct and relentlessly energetic demonstration of the electric new skin InRetrospect are flaunting.

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It's simple and it's fast and it's loud.

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