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Bridges Burn

by Iodine

All! We are Iodine from Toronto (Canada), and this is our debut single from our upcoming EP “Once Bitten, Twice Shy”, which will be released on September 20th. Our influences ranging from punk, hardcore, and hip-hop, and we wear it on our sleeves.

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Panic Addicts

by Geist

GEIST from the Northeast of England play their own brand of dark, chaotic hardcore punk. Their new album “Blueprints To Moderate Sedation” is available for pre-order right now at

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by Chris Catalyst

My name's Chris, I've spent the last six years playing with Swedish behemoths Ghost, and now it's time for me to put some of my own stuff out. It's from a new LP I've done 'Mad In England', and it's a trip through my record collection which consists of all the best tunes. I guess I would say that.

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Holding Hands

by Self Neglect

Self Neglect creates a powerful space to explore themes of trauma, guilt, loss, identity, and meaning. Our music is a transformative experience that leaves a lasting impact. Since our formation on New Year's Eve in 2015, We are dedicated to touching the hearts and minds people.

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It's a Shame We Didn't Get More Time, Lance

by The Subjunctives

Pop punk veterans The Subjunctives bring you a melancholic hooky song in a happy key, a musical and lyrical tribute to the seminal East Bay pop punk songwriter Lance Hahn of J-Church. Ean from the Subjunctives was in Sicko, who shared many stages and tours with Lance and J-Church in the 90s.

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Mohawk Dog

by The Bonstones

Veterans of the SF Bay Area music scene formed The Bonstones amid a shared love for pop punk ala Ramones and The Mr. T Experience. “Mohawk Dog” represents the bands official ‘mascot’. Robby co-wrote the song with Marky to represent our canine friends.

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Crushing Low

by Our Lives In Cinema

We’re Our Lives In Cinema, a London pop-punk 5 piece. Most of our songs are about my relationships with tasty snack foods and/or my absolute self hatred. This song, ‘Crushing Low’ was written at an absolute low-point, and it’s about finding your way out of the dark with the help of your loved ones.

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Put Some Flames on It

by Contra Code

Wanna get fired up? Contra Code is set to release their new album 'Friday Junior' on September 28th via Kinda Cool Records! The first single 'Put Some Flame on It' just hit the world last week and we are stoked for the rest of the album to follow! Tie up your shoes, cause this one rips!

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Ask the Dust

by Modern Shakes

We're Modern Shakes. Stand tall, let the headwinds howl" is the underlying message in Ask The Dust our new single. Life can be turbulent at times, the song explores life after uncomfortable events have settled and our ability to fight adversity.

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FBA (Did You Dirty)


Hi I'm ALXNDR and my Latest Track "FBA (Did You Dirty)" Explores the Unsettling World of Hypersexualization

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Too Little Too Late

by Dead On A Friday

Dead On A Friday is stoked to share our brand new album “Limited Time Offer”! We’re a Queens, NY based power trio playing driving punk rock in the vein of Bad Religion with a bit of Misfits and maybe even some Propagandhi thrown in! Check out “Too Little Too Late”- hope you enjoy!

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Nothing But Contempt For Those With No Spacial Awareness

by Finisher

Do you hate slow walking people? Even worse, people that just stop right in front of you? Well Finisher from Bristol, UK are also annoyed by this and have a brand new song about this painful subject. It's called 'Nothing But Contempt For Those With No Spacial Awareness'.

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I Almost Saw The Ramones

by The Bonstones

Pop-punk band from the East Bay. The band makes melodic, catchy and energetic noise, equally inspired by classic punk bands like the Ramones, Pretenders, Screaching Weasel, The Prozacs and the Evil O’Brians. Their debut album East Bay Elegy is now available on all the streaming platforms.

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Bigger Than Just Memories

by Faded Polaroids

Hey dudes! We are Faded Polaroids and we recently released our debut EP "Bigger Than Just Memories". This whole piece was done completely DIY. Five songs between melancholy and a spirit of optimism, eager to be finally heard by the rest of the world.

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by Heart A Tact

Hey there, this is our new song Outcast. Its a catchy pop punk song with a female singer.

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So Long, Chicago

by Diamonds and Guns

SO LONG, CHICAGO A modern, up beat and a great catchy punkrock song. Both glad and sad story. About the heart, purposefulness and the past.

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Silly Spreadsheets

by Class Act

This is the first track on our new EP Equilibrium Rate of Starvation. 1981 but unmistakably 2023. If you are looking for that original hardcore feeling in these new times, this is it. First lines: Terrified of failiure I break my back for the first quarter corporate targets that's got a hold on me

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Sunny Mornings

by A Night in November

A Night in November are a power trio from Leeds. Life throws us a curveball from time to time. This song is a promise that things will get better and the hope that the darkest nights are often followed by the brightest mornings.

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Door Man

by Desert Degenerates

Hi we’re Desert Degenerates, a punk band from Las Vegas. Our new single ‘door man’ drops on 09/01 and is gonna be on our upcoming album ‘Mojave nights’. This song is like: "waking up from a black out and your friend hands you a beer and a line" -

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by Taken By Vultures

Hey Everyone! We are Taken By Vultures from Boston. We write some form of punk rock. It changes frequently, but the lyrical style remains the same -Stupid lyrics about ridiculous ideas or pop culture. "Zuul" is about Louis Tully being in love with Dana Barrett from Ghostbusters. You get the picture.

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