The Pickup

Busy Saving The World

by Dramalove

Hi guys! We are an alternative rock band from Brighton called Dramalove. Thanks!

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by Traceless

We are rock trio that blend post-hardcore rock with ominous synths and classic emo pop influenced elements. Our song 'Incomplete' is about the feeling of feeling like something is missing from your life, but not knowing what that thing is or if you'll ever find it.

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by Breakfast for Turtles

Hi folks! We're a folk-punk-adjacent kinda post-punk band out of Philly, and we just launched our first EP, Old Gods & End Times. Revelation is a heavy, lyrical, high-energy eulogy for a dying planet.

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by Primitive State

I've been writing songs for 7 years, purely for myself. It wasn't until last year my record producer buddy said he'd do an album for me for free, simply because he wanted a copy for himself to listen to. The song 'Streetwalker' is like if The Stooges and The White Stripes banged. True story.

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Let's Be Bad

by Cash Registers

Cash Registers are a bunch of New York City cranks who play raw, melodic punk to the dwindling number of humans who prefer live music to the company of their phones. 'Let's Be Bad' was released 11/19. A 3rd full-length is due in 2020.

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Tense EP

by Dirty Vertebrae

Our music is positively charged and and infusion of hip-hop and rock. The EP ranges from soaring melodies overlaid on a bed on uncompromising rock. Our rapid-fire sounds seeps out of the tracks while maintaining powerful and insightful lyrics on our current cultural climate.

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The Story

by Infinite Eve

This is the title track from our new EP, The Story. It's the heaviest song on the EP and has elements of progressive metal with soaring female vocals! It's all layed out on a bed of seven string chunkiness, it's sure to satisfy the guitar nerd in you!

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Something to Believe

by Stand Up Stacy

Hey Punktastic readers, we are Stand Up Stacy, a punk rock band hailing from Munich, Germany! We've recently dropped a new video for our single 'Something To Believe'. If you're into bands such as Sum 41, Blink 182 or Billy Talent, you should like our sound. New record out in 2020, stay tuned :D

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by Stay Out

Hey Punksters! We’re Stay Out from Oakland, California. This is one of our fav tracks from our new album 'Always Late'...of course, we love 'em all though. Pop-punk, catchy...we think you'll be hooked as soon as you hear it. Let us know what you think. Thanks!

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Punish the Poor

by Who Killed Nancy Johnson?

We're Who Killed Nancy Johnson? and this is our reading of what the Conservative Party manifesto is careful not to say.

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64 White Lies

by Twister

High-energy UK rockers, Twister, have just released their latest single '64 White Lies', an anthemic, blazing rock song that will leave listeners reaching for the replay button and yearning for more.

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by Waxflower

Hey! We're Waxflower from Brisbane, Australia. Coming together through personal struggles with mental health and self-acceptance, we've written songs that resonate with all of us. Our new single 'Together' is about anxiety - it's a rally call to get better by putting things in to perspective.

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Junk Drawer

by Hostile Omish

Hey punks! We're the Hostile Omish - a name synonymous with Ohio punk for the past three decades! Here is Junk Drawer, the latest single from our 30th anniversary album, XXX! Pick up or stream a copy and rock out to BARNCORE!!

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by Bugeye

We are a disco punk pop band that loves to blend disco beats with 80s synths, punk pop buzz-saw guitar, punch in the face bass and vocals packed with hooks. Our new single, Electric, is about the fleeting nature of modern day love - with fuzz, buzz and shouts.

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What You Want

by Elessar

Hey we're Elessar and this is our track 'What You Want'. Have a listen and prepare to have it on repeat for days!

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Life For Me

by Palmist

We're Alt-Rock band PALMIST from Essex. This is our latest single Life For Me. It's a unique blend of Metal, Rock & Pop with a heavy 80s influence.

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Going Nowhere

by Weekend Recovery

We are a 3 piece punk rock band from Leeds, with grit and determination to break through into the mainstream - and we won't stop until we make it! Our music shouts and screams and hooks you in. Our latest single, Going Nowhere, is about backstabbing, and why we do the things we do.

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by Colour of the Jungle

Hey! We are Colour of the Jungle - a five-piece garage rock band from Portsmouth, UK. This is our new single 'Humblebee' - we'd love for you to listen, give us a follow and let us know what you think! Cheers!

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In Case Of Humanity

by Grace.Will.Fall

We’re stoked to present the first single from our upcoming fourth album. The song really shows the more dark and metal influenced direction this record has taken compared to earlier releases. To keep it raw we also kept the recording process out of the digital world and exclusively on analog tape.

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by Jet Jaguar

“Our first song 'Anvil' should make you want to buy a guitar...and then smash it, then drive around your block blasting this song out your windows so that your neighbor Karen knows what the F is up. If 'Anvil' doesn’t make you want to do any of that, you didn't listen to it loud enough!"

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