The Pickup


by American Wristband

Hey...we play rock songs that are usually 2 minutes or less. This song is about confronting someone who is ignorant, about their ignorance; and their response to confronting them about their ignorance.

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by Burning Nickels

What started as an outlet to record forgotten songs from days long past has now morphed into a pop punk monster. Calling on friends from all over the world to sing and play on the songs, Burning Nickels has released their latest EP, Cobwebs, to spectacular critical acclaim form themselves.

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The Arsonist

by Havelocke

We're Havelocke, four best friends who bonded over our love of emo music. This is our new track 'The Arsonist' which is the second single from our new EP 'Arsonist'. The track is a throwback to the early-mid 2000s emo/post-hardcore sound and details the collapse of an old friendship.

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Writers Block

by Minimal Damage

We mix Ska, Punk and Reggae. Sometimes frantic, sometimes chilled, sometimes political, sometimes personal. This song is about bands singing the same old songs about the same old topics and thereby conforming to "non conformity". Everything we released is available to download for FREE!

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by Pornscars

We mix styles we like, write songs about messed up things we find interesting, and are as ugly on the inside as we are on the outside! Debut Album available for FREE Download.

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Chemical Freaks

by Quarantine

Dirty Punk and Ska with a distinct UK sound. Our songs deal with Ex Girlfriends, Drugs, Local Scumbags and a few other things. Our EP "V 0.2" is available for FREE Download!

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Bad Decisions

by RedHook

One of Australia’s most compelling young rock acts RedHook have just revealed their fiery new single ‘Bad Decisions’; the title track of their long-awaited debut EP - produced by Stevie Knight (Trophy Eyes, Stand Atlantic, Yours Truly) and mixed by James Paul Wisner (Hands Like Houses, Underoath).

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Need You Around

by Sadellites

Sadellites (ex-Belle Reve) from California and we have released a cover of Smoking Pope’s “Need You Around” featuring the vocals by Donald Spence (Versus The World). This new single is streaming everywhere or may be downloaded for free at their bandcamp.

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Played Me At My Own Game

by The Fiasco

Hi, we're The Fiasco, an Alt-Rock band from Leeds UK. Played Me At My Own Game is our brand new single and is an energetic, mid-tempo Pop/Rock track with a huge sing-along chorus.

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Up Next On...

by American Ink

American Ink is coming at you HARD and FAST with their new single 'Up Next On...'!!! This is the title track from their latest EP . Thanks for listening!

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Empty & Blank

by Boring Girls

Hi, I'm Alban, bassist of Boring Girls, a punk-hc / punk-rock band from Montreal, Canada. Here is the song Empty & Blank, a catchy song with a strong energy, my favorite ! This song is featured on our first ep "Hello, Hell no" and we would be honored if you could take a listen to it. Take care !

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Kisses On My Cards

by Cherym

It’s an anthem for all hot stubborn gays of the world feeling the emotional pressures of admitting to an attraction without the whole ‘my mate wants to know will you kiss her?’ routine.

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A Calculated Risk

by Discover a Fire

A Calculated Risk is the follow up to our self released album 'The Rest Is Mystery' and our first release with Disconnect Disconnect records. We are a fairly new band from Norwich in Norfolk including ex members of Kneehigh and Lonely Grey Couch.

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Let It All Go

by Francis of Delirium

Led by 19-year-old Jana Bahrich alongside collaborator Chris Hewett, Francis of Delirium are a Canadian American duo based in Luxembourg. They’re signed to UK label, Dalliance Recordings (Gia Margaret, Common Holly, Wilsen).

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Heart of the family

by Heavenly bleu

Hey guys I am heavenly bleu taking influence from early 2000s alternative emo bands and mixing that with a soft British touch

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by Mothercanyouhearme

Hey we're best gal pal London duo, Mothercanyouhearme. After meeting at uni and graduating we decided to become Mothers and birthed our baby = Mothercanyouhearme. This song touches on drug use and constantly fighting to find true happiness without chemically altering your mind.

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by Svdestada

This is Hogueras, a track from our latests album Azabache, a song that issues a claim and a general appeal that advocates a return to the original rebellion of Punk, Hardcore and Do It Yourself.

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End of the World

by The New Pacific

Simply put, this song is a sing-along anthem to the apocalypse. The track is an ode to a party at the end of the world. While the building is burning, we're dancing the whole way down. It's a big hopeful anthem rock track. Get off the wall and come dance with us.

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VAN TASTIK, a one-man-band Virginia native now based in Europe. This dark country/alternative rock track is a thumping, vintage-kissed Wild West theme tune that brings to mind classic rock and country.

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Back Home

by Back On Earth

"Back Home" is one of the tracks off the EP "Brand New Day" released last November, and follows the latest single of the same name, a duet with Telltale, which had previous support from Spotify's All New Rock and Frog 'n' Roll editorial playlists.

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