The Pickup


by D E A T H B A G

Hey all this is the second single from an upcoming debut album (releasing May 13th 2022). "Spell", straddles the line between post-punk and garage rock with influences bleeding through yet retaining a sense of it's own identity.

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High Girl

by Loner

Loner is a melodic punk band based out of Montclair, NJ. "High Girl" is a song about a girl that's really about my own struggles with drugs and alcohol. All proceeds go to CarePlusNJ, a non-profit that helps people in NJ recover from addiction and mental health issues.

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Jo, Joni, Mary & Maria


Leeds-based indie punk band SUNLINER have released new track 'Jo, Joni, Mary, & Maria'. The new track "is a Springsteen-esq getting out of this town, running away to chase dreams-story.

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by Ragdoll Sunday

Following on from the success of 'POST RONA PERFECT', 'RAZORS' is the 2nd single/video coming out on 26th November from RAGDOLL SUNDAY's forthcoming LP 'AND NOW WE GRIEVE', itself released on 10th December. 'Razors' alludes to the barrage of forces that vie & seek to influence us to their benefit.

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Look At Me

by OST

Hey everyone, we are OST! This is our single 'Look At Me' on Welcome Records. Being stuck in quarantine for 2 years, we can only imagine what it would be like to finally be free. This song is about being imprisoned in what we thought was home and what it would be like once we are finally out.

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Come Over (Again)


Hi! We are Liverpudlian powered-up misfits CRAWLERS. 'Come Over (Again)' is a song we’re incredibly proud of. We’ve never done anything like it before and it has shown us what we’re really capable of as musicians.

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Sudocream Queen


Leeds-based all-girl alternative rock outfit VENUS GRRRLS are gearing up for the release of their brand new EP 'Potions', which is out today!

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Shake On The Floor

by Lucifers Beard

Over the last few years I have built my own recording studio, and this is the first product of that. I worked closely with Ed Ripley (NOFX/Frank Turner/Spice Girls) he also mastered 'SOTF’. This song is free from restrictions and having the freedom to express myself from my own studio.

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Save Your Tears (The Weeknd cover)

by Gravebound

The band ambitiously blends the track’s original pop groove and memorable melody with their signature rock edge and metal screams. Combining metal and pop into one track deliberately demolishes the invisible barrier between the genres and challenges themselves and their audience.

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by Heavy Broken Machines

Disruption is a riff laden, rock indie classic hook monster of a track with HBMs unmistakable distinctive sound!! The track describes “the needle is stuck” feeling the world finds itself in right now, and the need for constant disruption in life to question everything in life.

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I Gotta Be Kidding Me

by Long Past Overdue

Lost somewhere between the labels of emo, pop-punk, alternative rock, and shoegaze, LONG PAST OVERDUE is a 90s-inspired melodic and emotional band from Curitiba, Brazil. It started as a solo project in 2018 and remotely became a band during the covid lockdown.

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Try My Blood

by Skeletosphere

Hi I'm Skeletosphere! I'm a 20 year old queer Mexican-American female pop punk artist from Nevada based in LA. "Try My Blood" is just one song off my debut EP called Lovetaker. The four songs invoke a gloomy, revenge-esque, glam rock mood that is perfect for listeners to jam out to. Hope you enjoy!

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Hi! I’m ANTI. I just released this new single “Depression/Suffering/Suffocation” from my upcoming album “Second Death”, produced by OTSUWA. In "Second Death", my demons will blossom and shine from a clearer perspective. But for now, enjoy “DSS” video, as it portraits exactly how anxiety feels like.

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by Vini Vicious

We are Vini Vicious, your favorite Rock\Tragic Pop band from Tel-Aviv! "Vultures" is the 2nd single off of our upcoming EP "Atelophobia" (out May 10th). It's a tall tale about simple truths, off of our own experiences.

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Six-Figure Sum


The heavy-glam closer to MFMB's new long-player, all sneer and bitter pomp, goose-stepping through the corridors of Goldman Sachs and right over the album's burgeoning sense of hope. Like The Doors' apocalyptic farewell to the 60s, 'The End,' via Michael Gira's worst hangover.

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Get Your Shit Together

by Nowhere Days

Ladies and gentlefolk, it's time to "Get Your Shit Together"! Combining blazing guitars, mischievous basslines, and drums that are wilder than a senior center on bingo night, the Chicago punk band is back with the first single from their forthcoming sophomore album, "Hell Is Real."

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Picture Frames (EP)

by Say It Anyway

The debut EP from the UK's SAY IT ANYWAY consists of 5 high energy pop punk songs plus a reworked acoustic version of their first single 'Moments' featuring guest vocals from long-time friend Matt Arsenault from A Loss For Words.

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Ghost Town Blues Revisited

by Vampire Slumber Party

Vampire Slumber Party is the alter-ego of south London-based musician Yusuf Laher. And "Ghost Town Blues Revisited" is on his debut full-length Funeral Pop, which is out now wherever you stream music. Unless you still use MySpace. Do people still use MySpace? Didn't it make a comeback?

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Possessed Dancer

by Nylon Nerves

Hello! I am Joel and this here is my solo-band Nylon Nerves. Nylon Nerves is a mixture of my love for late 70’s punk, synthpop and post-punk. Possessed Dancer is a poppy tune with punky attitude and it’s about that feeling of freeing your mind from anxiety with dancing. Thanx for checking it out!

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by Bankrupt

Bankrupt have released a lyric video for their new high-energy sci-fi themed punk rock song Astrolena, which they recommend to fans of Mean Jeans, Bad Nerves, The Network and the Epoxies. The song is about an intergalactic love story during an alien invasion.

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