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Cruellemonde De La Hi Fi

by Big Hug

Hi! We're Big Hug, an emo/punk three piece from London. Cruellemonde De La Hi Fi is the lead track from our second EP - A Living You'll Never Know. The track is a prime example of our embrace of a heavier and math-infused take on 90’s emo, which lyrically rages against the purgatory of bullshit jobs

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Moving On

by Fake News

We are Fake News from the Gold Coast, Australia. We play melodic punk rock at its best, just like back in the 90's. Our new song Moving On is the first single off our new EP "time & Place". This song has it all, pounding drums, guitar riffage, sing along vocals & melodic harmonies.

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by Django Jones and the Mystery Men

Hey we're Django Jones and the Mystery Men are a post-punk band from Sheffield. Drawing inspiration from The White Stripes and Idles, ‘Animals’ does what it says on the tin; it's an animalistic and wild tune, an explosive catalyst for adrenaline and a relentless energy.

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DC female fronted four-piece that melds years worth of loneliness, tragedy, addiction, political upheaval and lost love into a provocative and punishing Post-Hardcore soundscape influenced as much by the storied punk scene of the band’s hometown as grunge and metal of the members’ youths.

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As Above, So Below

by Vallory Falls

'As Above, So Below' brings up a feeling of 'carpe diem' - loving like it's your last day, feeling no worries or fear, taking advantage of what you have while you have it. If there is an afterlife or another dimension, you should always strive to be the fullest version of yourself possible.

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by natyourgirl

Hey dudes, 'BREAK TIME' is a hymn for everyone who's tired of life. The last song on the mini-album and the first song with a Polish verse, so more listeners can identify with the text. This is a unique song on Poland's music scene, where a female voice combines with pop punk rhythms."

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by Gnarlah

BOSSFIGHT is a song about revolt. Channelled through a nostalgic trip into the videogames we grew up on. The boss character in classic games is an icon that can represent anything the listener needs it to, whether it’s a toxic partner, a manager that put you through hell or even just self doubt.

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Sold Out

by Young Fatigue

We're Young Fatigue, a punk-ish rock band from London who are all about catchy riffs and midday naps! 'Sold Out' is the first episode of the second season of Young Fatigue, so if you liked us before you should know that we're a bit older, a bit wiser, and a lot more aggressive.

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by The Mor(R)ons

Dealers, our new sing/video is the first single off our upcoming 4th album "Well kept secret" (out June 2nd)! We had a blast recording this video and we think it's a great introduction to the fun ride that will be our first completely DIY produced record!

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by falselove

We're falselove from Cardiff, South Wales and this is candlelight. A song about the anxiety of outside noise and proving people wrong. If you're a fan of old school Emo, Pop Punk and Hardcore then this is the track for you!

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Pizza Toppings

by NEET and Tidy

Hi Guys I am Blaze from NEET and Tidy. We have just dropped the 1st single from our new 2nd album. The track is called Pizza Toppings, and the album is called Is This Progress?. We think this track is a good party/drinking song, but with a few serious undertones. Hope you enjoy it!

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Daddy's Money

by 13 Seconds

Hey all, We are 13 Seconds from Needham MA! This song is a fast upbeat song about going on a date using "Daddy's money." It features some funny lyrics and a trombone solo, overall this shows the fun energy that our band likes to have, whether its in the studio or onstage!

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We Missed The Parade

by Coilguns

With its somehow classic punk-hardcore feeling, it felt like it might belong to an old Coilguns era. Through the process of mixing, the track grew on everyone and felt more and more like an anthem, specifically one of our very own life.. "

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by Failstate

We are FAILSTATE and we have released out brand new single and video, Lifeguard - . The track has already picked up glowing comparisons to Holding Absence, Boston Manor and Funeral For A Friend.

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New Medicine

by Paper Flowers

Paper Flowers started as a solo project but has turned into a fully fledged live band in 2024. New Medicine was mixed by Beau Burchell (Saosin) and mastered by Mike Kalajian (credits: Neck Deep, All Time Low) it's our own take on that nostalgic 2000s emo pop-punk sound.

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I'd Rather Be Listening To The Mendozaz

by The Mendozaz

Hey! We're The Mendozaz from Toronto and this is the first single off our new album Loafers arriving June 7. It's our exercise in the power of suggestion! The mighty fist of indoctrination! We wrote the catchiest chorus we could think of and are ready to inflict it upon the world. Enjoy!

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The Collective Resentment of 1,000,000 Fax Machines

by Student Slasher Film

Hi! We're Student Slasher Film, an emo band from Leeds, UK. This is our debut single, recorded entirely DIY and self produced. It's got a lot of complexity and punch in a short package - hope you enjoy!

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by Feldspar

We are FELDSPAR, from the eternal city of Rome, just a stone's throw from the Vatican. Known as “the godless folks two blocks from the Pope,” our upcoming album delves into the shadows to unravel the clandestine threads of power.

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Sucio Traidor

by Tygers of Wrath

We are Tygers of Wrath, a new punk-rock band. Sharp guitars, female vocals and solid rhythmic base. Pure energy

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Too Far Too Reach

by The Fires Below

We are Londoners, THE FIRES BELOW, and we return with our savage sophomore EP, Thorns, out everywhere on Friday 7th June. Check out our new single and video, Too Far To Reach - .

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