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Go Outside

by Sugar Spine

Angry, hard-hitting and unflinching. These are only a few words to describe the freshly established Sugar Spine, a super-charged metal project from Sydney, Australia. 'Go Outside', the debut single, is unrelenting and fierce in its delivery of modern communication.

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by the Black Halos

Vancouver’s the Black Halos look to a slightly different golden age than that of the Clash and the Buzzcocks; they’re more enamoured of the glammed-up trash-rock of the New York Dolls, the sonic scuzz of the Stooges, and the snotty nihilism of the Dead Boys

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Grizzly End

by Cool Chair

A fun B-horror movie themed blend of catchy melodic punk and post-hardcore with unexpected elements of both progressive and death metal. Full album The HorrorShow is the perfect Halloween soundtrack, out October 22nd!

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Why Weren't They Stunned

by Emily Davis and The Murder Police

We're Emily Davis and The Murder Police! Our new single "Why Weren't They Stunned?" (from our new LP out June 25), about how the government isn't concerned/doesn't care when it comes to the role we play in climate change, the pandemic, etc., & that lack of urgency keeps biting us in the ass.

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by Better Than Mending

Hey all. We are Better Than Mending, a UK based post-hardcore band and this is a track from our upcoming EP - Spineless. We recorded by Joe Clayton (Earth Moves, Pijn, Leeched, Ithica) we smoosh together melodic post-hardcore hooks with post-metal breakdowns and doom-filled post-rock soundscapes.

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Basic Principles


We are Milliner, a 2 piece assault . Featuring members of Jaya The Cat And Barstool Preachers, our aim is to create a wall of noise you can’t ignore. Big riffs, blaring vocals and blistering drums ensure that we leave our mark. We Have 2 Ep's Released and a debut album in production

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Year Zero

by Komodo Fox

Hey folks, pleased to be here! We're pleased to introduce you to Year Zero, the opening track of our self-produced debut EP which goes by the same name. A song about abusive relationships, it draws thematic inspiration from the bloody Khmer Rouge regime which devastated Cambodia between '75 - '79.

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by Complete!

Hallow! This is Complete! - melodic punk band from Ukraine. This is our new song and music video "Chore". It is a set of day-to-day patterns in lyrics, music and video footage. About how we live striving to be happier. And it is the first single from our upcoming EP to be released this year.

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Modern Art

by Detroit Zits

Iggy, Stooges, MC5, fighting in the streets and everything blown- Hemi rumbles under the hood of the Detroit Zits sound. Inspired by the Motor City and all its dirty, greasy V-8 powered rock, Detroit Zits is born to crash and burn. In the meantime...

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by Dude Trips

“I haven’t written too many break up songs but I feel this one is emotive and the most important one I have written to date—showing that everything can fall apart even at the best of times."

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Wait For Me

by Interkon

Hi all! When New Jersey and Russia meet Philly Punk. This is Interkon's debut release! They are bringing back that nostalgic sound we all miss and love. This song is about self love and putting yourself first. Hope you enjoy!

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Born and Bred to Bake N Shred

by me the guts

We are Me The Guts from Saskatchewan Canada. We play punk music with genre influences such as melodic, skate, thrash, metal, pop. This track captivates the many different styles we put into our music.

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The Penance And The Lesson

by Overhate

Venezuelan thrash titans ‘Overhate’ have released a new video for ‘The Penance And The Lesson’, a monstrous and hard-hitting depiction of luck, fate, frustration and aggression, as they furiously navigate the waves of thrash, death, technical and progressive metal.

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House Pet

by UgLi

UgLi takes elements of alternative, grunge, and punk and combines them in a refreshing mix for their upcoming debut album. "House Pet" is the second single from the album, FUCK, that is out now!

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Now Or Never

by 45 Adapters

Imagine a truck full of Cock Sparrer records crashing into a truck full of Otis Redding albums.

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by Bitch Hunt

Hey! We are Bitch Hunt, a queer alt-rock band from London. ‘Shapeshifter’ is about being non-binary, about how different people perceive you. It's also about meeting other trans people and queers and being seen as who you are. It’s a fairly lively track about the joy of connection

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by Broken Head

We are Broken Head, an alternative two piece from Massachusetts. New EP Sungazer out now!

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Out Of Love

by DeadBeat At Dawn

Yo. we're DeadBeat At Dawn, and we're from Thirsk. We make punk ska rap music, and considering our age we're pretty fit. Quite handy too. This song is from our forth coming EP 'Dyscopia', out sometime in summer.

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Autumn Shade

by Happy Animal

Hi, Happy Animal here, The noise I make is described as Mancunian LO-FI FUZZ POP/Garage Rock. Like a shook up can of fizzy vimto. I have just dropped my debut single 'Autumn Shade'. Its fuzzy, catchy and heavy. I self produced, recorded and released this track from home during lockdown. Thankyou ✌️

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Saying Goodbye

by Hazey

This is our second single ‘Saying Goodbye’ from our debut EP. The song reflects on a tough year. The lesson learned is to let go of what we can’t control and enjoy the present instead of worrying about tomorrow. Enjoy!

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