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Ameotoko I - The Curse

by Azure

We're a prog band from Brighton UK. We focus on storytelling with a sparkly synth aesthetic, strange melodies and loads of solos. This single, "Ameotoko I - The Curse" is a musical adaptation of an excerpt of our singer's fantasy novel. It's lowkey about the toxicity of a lot of self help rhetoric.

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The Compass

by FooN

Hello everyone! We are FooN and today the compass points north at our home of Copenhagen Denmark. Our new single titled "The Compass" is the most hardhitting song to date. If you feel like headbanging and playing airdrums this is for you. Find us on SoMe and ay hi - and then later on tour!

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Route 666

by Gramercy

Hello Punktastic. This is Gramercy. A band that came out of Lockdown. It's fully digital DIY. Written, recorded and released from our bedrooms across North America. The drummer and singer have never met. We have a whatsapp group to share demos. This is our first single, Route 666.

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Off Track (Single Edit)

by Jovi Skyler

Howdy! Punk, alternative rock with an early '90s spirit and a hint of psychedelia. "Off Track" is about procrastination and the inevitable guilt that piles up by not following through with what you want to do. Every now and then it will make you crack up.

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Modern Waste

by Mutes

'Modern Waste' is a blistering distillation of all that has defined Mutes' explorative take on post-punk until now. Wiry, tense verses give way to muted chamber pop and eventually blossom into a full-on, fuzzed-out, fist-pumping euphoria.

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Raw Plastic - "Waiting Till Summer" EP

by Raw Plastic

Hello! We are Raw Plastic and we've just released a new EP "Waiting Till Summer". Our sound is a fusion of lo-fi surf/bedroom pop and shoegaze. Fans of bands such as Wavees and early Cloud Nothings might dig it!

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Every Second

by Rebuild The Past

Rebuild The Past is a fresh and purposeful metalcore band that does not try to be careful when writing Arrangements, lyrics and riffs, anything that sounds good goes into release. inspired by the complexity of life, texts reflect the problems, Faced with which you will find like-minded people

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by Skrage

Skrage combine blistering basslines, tearing beats, psychedelic soundscapes and raging vocals to produce an adrenaline-fuelled sonic assault. Think Noisia meets Discharge…

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by The Cartographer

We are metal band called The Cartographer from Derby and we have recently released a track called 'Overcome' of our upcoming EP 'Mind Atlas'. This is the first track we have released in a few years as we have been off the radar writing / recording (plus covid restricting us from doing stuff!)

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Rough Love

by The Downcast

Hey y'all, we're a local Toronto pop punk band called The Downcast. On the scene since 2018, we're in the midst of releasing our sophomore EP. The record is being produced by Alan from Four Year Strong, and we just released our first single titled "Rough Love". Thanks for checking it out!

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Hail Satan

by Pink Room

Hey, we're Pink Room, The Band, Official, and we just released our new album PUTAIN ROYALE. This song, Hail Satan, is the second single. It's not really about Satan, but more about the small inconveniences of your life. Like hitting your toe on a table. Don't die & HAIL SATAN (for real)

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by Choices Made

We're a Toronto-based hardcore/punk band who have had a busy year through 2020 releasing a handful of singles including "Sideroads" January, 2021.

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by Glitchers

We are Glitchers. The 2 piece punk band who have taken to the streets. Last year we spent the summer/autumn travelling the country playing hard-core punk gigs in town & city centres. We finished the year off outside Downing Street by giving Boris and co a punk gig from the back of a flatbed truck.

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Feels Good

by Slow Death

I exist in a dystopian reality where parasites pose as philanthropists, governing us ever close to destruction. This song is a tribute to their hysteria.

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The Inciter

by Ariandelle

Hi everyone, We're Ariandelle and this is our brand new song! This track is heavy, full of aggression and is all about finally making a point to change the things in your life instead of waiting for the moment to come! We hope you all enjoy it!

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Belly of the River

by Dead Mammals

Hi we are Dead Mammals. A two-piece Noise Rock band from Rochester, Kent. We formed in 2020 and wrote and recorded our self-titled debut album at home whilst bored during the Covid 19 lockdown. The album stemmed from a shared love of late 80's and early 90's Alt/Noise rock bands.

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Die Young

by Fight Back Mountain

Hey we're Fight Back Mountain, and this is the lead single off of our upcoming album, "Lavender Sky." It's our second album. It's very 90s, if that's your thing. Also kind of sounds like 2000s Org-Core. If you're old enough to know what that means. *crying laughing emoji*

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Old But Still Handsome

by Futhermuckers

Hey Everyone, Futhermuckers here, and we´d like to introduce you to the lead track from our debut self-titled ep. Old But Still Handsome. Go on and give it a listen.....We dare never know, you just might like it.

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komet - self titled LP

by komet

Komet is a trio from Northern Italy with members of Punches and Antares. Limited to 200 copies, 150 on blue wax and 50 on marbled grey!

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by Komodo Fox

Hi folks, we are Komodo Fox, a two-headed rock trio based in Berlin, and this is the second single from our debut EP. Pride is a song about dealing with the past and coming to terms with our experiences, good and bad. We hope you give it a spin and like it! Cheers, KF

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