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Sedatives and Alcohol

by The Travis Waltons

Hello, we're The Travis Waltons from Bristol, UK, and we sure hope you like to kick it. We're putting out our third DIY album 'Death Throes' on 29th May and this is our new lockdown montage video, featuring the legendary Dave Benson Phillips, Joanna Angel and a bunch of our friends and peers. Pre-order the album here:

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Finish It

by Align in Time

My name's John Boles and I release music under the alias Align in Time. "Finish It" is the first track revealed off of my second album, On a Spiral (out 6/19). My music is a mix of what I love about the dynamics and epic builds of post-rock with the more direct, raw energy of pop rock.

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To Live or Live Not

by Duncan Reid and the Big Heads

Hi all. We are Duncan Reid and the Big Heads, purveyors of Indie Pop Punk from London. This is the lead track from our new Album "Don't Blame Yourself" about one man's desperate urge to run away to Caracas to find a girl who plays maracas.

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I'm Not In Love (With You)

by Gas Hands

Hi, We're Gas Hands, a Northern Irish Punk Rock band (formerly Lost Avenue/ Mosmo Strange) This is the video for our newest single-  "I'm Not In Love (With You)" Currently working on an EP and just after a U.K Tour (cut short by the covid sadly) Thanks!

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Show Me the Money


Hey folks, we're Livingston. Our band consists of Beukes Willemse and guitarist / keyboardist Chris van Niekerk from South Africa, drummer Jan Siekmann from Germany and bassist Phil Magee from the UK. We've just unveiled our new single, “Show Me the Money”, out now on major streaming platforms :)

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Far Away

by Paper Fight

Merging grunge with 2000s punk; we have whipped up an exciting, energetic sound with our new track 'Far Away'. Forming in early 2020 (just before the world went into lockdown) we managed to squeeze some time into the recording studio and finish off this track!

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Bones Are Their Money

by The Denim Boys

If you don't listen to this song, you have to marry your mother-in-law. This is our tribute to the show I Think You Should Leave and we hope it's right in your Q-Zone, baby. Also, if you don't like it we'll have no choice but to kick your ass, sorry!!

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Seek the Unkindred

by Wren

Seek the Unkindred is the first song we have released from our forthcoming new record GROUNDSWELLS, which is out on June 26th - some experimental post-metal for your ears.

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Misery Maintenance

by Love Like Fiction

Hey Punktastic, we're Love Like Fiction from Phoenix, AZ. We hope you dig our brand new single and lyric video for "Misery Maintenance". The track is our tribute to the challenges of overcoming addiction and the struggles we all face when confronted with change.

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by Shola Aurora

Hello, my name is Shola Aurora. I'm a Brooklyn based rock musician and my newest track "Venom," is deeply personal to me. It's a song about triumphing over great adversity. As the world is in a state of chaos, my song is a declaration that we will persevere, survive, and become stronger as a result.

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Shadow In The Dark

by A Swift Farewell

We are A Swift Farewell from Sydney, Australia. This is our latest track Shadow in the Dark, from our debut EP: Shattered Glass which is out now. It explores that feeling when you know a relationship has run its course, but you just can't let it go. So good when we play it live!

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Speak Louder

by Campfire Social

Speak Louder is a song about the importance of talking about your problems before they get too much for you to handle.

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Weird Ones

by Cherym

Derry pop-punk trio Cherym has released their newest track 'Weird Ones.' Informed by 90's So-Cal pop-punk, DIY aesthetics and the desire to be the biggest band in the world, Cheryms new song is a colourful, energetic, addictive track that demands your full attention

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Rogue Planet

by Chugun

Hey folks, We are CHUGUN, a Death Metal band from Tel Aviv. We are proud to present a new music video for the song "Rogue Planet", which is a title track of our upcoming alum. The album is about to be released on July 30th, 2020.

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by Coping

Hey guys, we're a brand new band from Leeds called Coping. We're all just having fun and writing songs that we love so hopefully you will too so please check us out.

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Fight Or Flight

by Crime Revenge

We're Crime Revenge, a brand new streetpunk outfit out of Austin, TX featuring members of Sniper 66, Drug Shock, & Gen Why. Our first EP is out now! We hope you give it spin!

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Broken Youth

by Danny Wright

This is a song that comes from my truth. A defiant song to help us all recognize that we all have a voice and we are all enough!

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by Death Cult Electric

DEATH CULT ELECTRIC emerged at the tail end of 2019 to widespread critical acclaim - fronted by Steffan Pringle formerly of ESTRONS and erst-whilst Welsh wunderkid producer responsible for Boy Azooga, HIMALAYAS, ESTRONS, Adwaith.

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by Dohny Jep

We are Dohny Jep and we compress influences stemming from Don Broco and Bring Me The Horizon to The 1975. Our debut album, L.U.S.T, arrives on Friday 10th July. This is our brand new single and video for the track, Dreamer.

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Super Hurt

by Double Sorry

We’re an indie punk 3 piece out of Brooklyn and just released our first LP, “Super Hurt”. It’s 17 songs that scream by in under 22 minutes. We accompanied the release with an album video that is literally 22 minutes of explosions. Hope you enjoy it!

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Dead to Me

by Drowning Days

Hi, we are Drowning Days. We are a pop-punk/emo band from The-Middle-of-Nowhere, UK. Our debut single "Dead to Me" is about the process of losing a to circumstances that are beyond your grasp. Hope you enjoy!

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